Claude Bursztejn: "Show the world what we are doing in ESCAP"

Documenting Dublin

ESCAP's Dublin Congress can now be re-experienced online. Presentations and abstracts of all keynote speakers, symposia and more are now available on this website. Inspired by board member professor Claude Bursztejn, responsible for ESCAP's care/clinical division, this is a first step towards systematic documentation of the knowledge exchanged during ESCAP conferences. Simply click on the subject to find all content.

portrait of professor Claude BursztejnProfessor Bursztejn: "We should show the world what we are doing in ESCAP and begin – for example – with publishing proper congress summaries. An after-congress overview will learn us a lot, such as the enormous differences in clinical practice that still exist between ESCAP member countries.” Bursztejn proposed to gather existing studies and information and making these available through the ESCAP website. Read more about his ambitious proposal.

Dublin keynote speakers, presentations and abstracts

Dr Joaquin Fuentes
Autism spectrum disorders 2013: transforming innovation into policy

Professor Susan Shur-Fen Gau
Neuropsychological and imaging endophenotypes of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Professor Tobias Banachewski
Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: state of research

Professor John T. Walkup
Treatment of anxiety and mood disorders

Professor David Skuse
Phenotypic conundrums in the diagnostic appraisal of autism spectrum disorders

Professor Louise Gallagher
Understanding neurodevelopment — challenges and aspirations in child and adolescent mental health

Dr Kathleen Merikangas
Breaking down the boundaries: comorbidity of mental and physical disorders

Dr Matthew State
Recent progress in the genetics and genomics of autism spectrum disorders

Symposium: eating disorders, new findings in diagnostics and treatment

Professor Beate Herpertz-Dahlmann
Day patient treatment compared to inpatient treatment

Professor Elisabet Wentz
Eating disorders and social communication

Professor Maria Rastam
Eating problems in childhood and the overlap with the autism spectrum disorders

Professor Johannes Hebebrand
Entering the post-GWAS era in anorexia nervosa

Dr Dasha Nicholls
Towards a stepped care model for child and adolescent AN: the role of early intervention

Symposium: suicidal behaviour

Dr Alan Apter
Suicide behaviour in young people.

Nomi Scheffler, Dana Feldman and Alan Apter
Suicidal behaviour among Arab adolescents at risk in Israel and it’s perception as a mean of expressing distress and as a help seeking technique.

Dr Lee-Ann Burke.
A cost effectiveness analysis of four arms of a school-based mental health intervention in Europe.

Shira Barzilay, Dana Feldman, Avigal Snir and Alan Apter
The interpersonal theory of suicide and adolescent suicidal behavior.

Presentation on Youth Suicide Prevention by Dr Alan Apter: view or download here (pdf file, 55 slides).

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