Full audio and original slide presentations

ESCAP 2017 lectures

Listen to full ESCAP 2017 presentations, or download the audio files (mp3). View the original slide presentations.

Keynote presentations

1. Maria Melchior: Social inequalities in children's mental health – from observation to prevention
View or download Maria Melchior's slide presentation (pdf, 28 pages) / audio presentation / abstract / interview.

2. Patrick McGorry: Transitioning to 21st century mental health care: early intervention for young people with emerging mental disorders
View or download Patrick McGorry's slide presentation (pdf, 96 pages) / audio presentation / abstract / interview.

3. Patrick Luyten: A radical shift in the treatment of child and adolescent depression Perhaps the time is ripe?
View Patrick Luyten's slide presentation (pdf, 67 pages) / abstract / audio presentation / interview.

4. Tony Charman: Tracking the emergence early autism symptoms in at-risk infants: possibilities for prodromal intervention?
View or download Tony Charman's abstract / audio presentation / interview.

5. Dieter Wolke: Peers and siblings matter for mental health: long term consequences of bullying
View or download Dieter Wolke's abstract / audio presentation / interview.

6. Paul Hoff: Conceptual transitions: what will happen to the concept of mental disorders in the 21st century?
View or download Paul Hoff's slide presentation (pdf, 42 pages) / audio presentation / abstract.

7. Johannes Hebebrand: Pre- and postnatal screening: implications for child and adolescent psychiatry
View or download Johannes Hebebrand's abstract / audio presentation and introduction / interview.

8. Jörg Fegert: Care of traumatized children in youth welfare systems
View or download Jörg Fegert's slide presentation (pdf, 58 pages) / audio presentation and introduction / abstract / interview.

State of the art presentations

1-01 Bernard Golse - Joint therapies parents-baby - ESCAP 2017 (audio).
Bernard Golse's slide presentation (pdf, 8 pages).

1-02 Marie Schaer on autism research in clinical practice - ESCAP 2017 (audio).

1-03 Carmen Moreno on first episode psychosis - ESCAP 2017 (audio).
Carmen Moreno's slide presentation (pdf, 101 pages).

1-04  Fallisard on child and adolescent psychiatrist repulsed by public health - ESCAP 2017 (audio).
Bruno Fallisard's slide presentation (pdf, 18 pages).

2-01 Celso Arango on psychopharmacology - ESCAP 2017 (audio).

2-02 Martin Debbané - Where mind meets brain - ESCAP 2017 (audio).

2-03 Panos Vostanis on Child mental health response to the refugee crisis - ESCAP 2017 (audio).
Panos Vostanis' slide presentation (pdf, 19 pages).

2-04 Frauke Schultze-Lutter  on clinical high risk of psychoses - ESCAP 2017 (audio).
Frauke Schultze-Lutter's slide presentation (pdf, 28 pages).

3-01 Joachim Fuentes on autism - ESCAP 2017 (audio).
Joachim Fuentes' slide presentation (pdf, 73 pages).

3-02 Christine Freitag on adolescent female conduct disorder - ESCAP 2017 (audio).
Christine Freitag's slide presentation (pdf, 24 pages).

3-03 Silvia Brem on Neuronal basis of developmental dyslexia - ESCAP 2017 (audio).

3-04 Martin Holtmann on ADHD and neurofeedback - ESCAP 2017 (audio).

3-05 Norman Sartorius on comorbidity of mental and physical illness - ESCAP 2017 (audio).

4-01 Pieter Hoekstra on Tourette syndrome - ESCAP 2017 (audio).
Pieter Hoekstra's slide presentation (pdf, 54 pages).

4-03 Robert Vermeiren on social revolution in child psychiatry - ESCAP 2017 (audio).
Robert Vermeiren's slide presentation (pdf, 43 pages).

4-04 Raquel Gur on youth at risk for psychosis - ESCAP 2017 (audio).
Raquel Gur's slide presentation (pdf, 48 pages).

4-05 Dimitris Anagnostopoulos on mental health of child and adolescent refugees - ESCAP 2017 (audio).
Slide presentation by Dimitris Anagnostopoulos, Milica Pejovic Milovancevic and Henrikje Klasen † (pdf, 93 pages).