ESCAP 2019 Vienna: full programme, abstracts and more

Documenting Vienna


The main theme of the ESCAP 2019 Congress was "DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHIATRY IN A GLOBALIZED WORLD". In the coming week, we will upload the abstract book, the programme brochure, keynote and state of the art presentations (slides) and symposiums.

View the Congress Report below for a summary of the event.


Keynote speakers:

Dickon Bevington, UK 'Working as therapists and allied professions with hard to reach youth.' interview 

Anke Hinney, Germany 'The recent breakthrough into the genetic architecture of complex psychiatric disorders.'  interview 
Otto Kernberg, USA 'The significance and recent developments of psychoanalytic treatments'. interview 
Michael Pluess, UK 'Individual differences in environmental sensitivity - risk and resilience, brain function and their implications for treatment.' interview
Franz Resch, Germany ‘New Morbidity – changing risks in changing environments.' interview
Hans Steiner, USA 'Bringing medicine to crime: disruptive behaviour, its developments, psychopathology and treatment.' interview 
Lucia Valmaggia, UK'Virtual reality for the treatment of child and adolescent at risk or affected with mental disorders.' interview  
State of the art speakers:
Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg, Netherlands 'The Neurobiology of Parenting.' 
Tobias Banaschewski, Germany 'Update on the treatment of ADHD.'
Christopher Corell, Germany 'Adverse effects of psychotropic medications in children and adolescents: practical considerations.'
Jörg Fegert, Germany 'Violence and sexual offensive behavior among peers – Protection concepts and interventions for offenders and victims.' 
Arantza Fernandez Rivas, Spain 'Emotion Regulation in Adolescent Female Conduct Disorders. Results of FemNAT-CD consortium.' 
Inez Germeys, Belgium 'Assessment and intervention in real life for adolescents with emerging mental health problems.'
Bernard Golse & Sylvain Missonnier, France 'How can the interpersonal relationship be internalized and mentally represented? A theoretical and clinical reflexion necessary for care with babies and teenagers.' 
Michael Kaess, Switzerland 'Personality disorder – the rise of a neglected diagnosis in child and adolescent psychiatry.' interview 
Alfried Längle, Austria ‘To live with inner fulfilment and meaning. The 3rd Viennese School of Psychotherapy – Logotherapy and Existential Analysis’
Nanda Lambregts-Rommelse, Netherlands ‘Co-morbidity of autism spectrum disorder and attention-deficit /hyperactivity disorder across the lifespan: possible mechanisms?’
Nadia Micali, Switzerland 'Update on the treatment of eating disorders.'
Paul Plener, Austria 'Non-suicidal self-injury - aetiology and current treatment options.' 
Marie Schaer & Camilla Bellone, Switzerland ‘Translational research from mice to human in autism spectrum disorder’ Interview
Giulia Signorini, Italy 'Continuity of care from CAMHS to AMHS: lessons from the European MILESTONE project.'
Svenja Taubner, Germany 'Mentalization-based treatment for adolescents with externalizing problem.'
Joaquin Fuentes Biggi & Amaia Hervás, Spain 'ESCAP Practice Guidance for Autism Spectrum Disorder'
Edith Sheffer 'Asperger’s Children: The Origins of Autism in Nazi Vienna'
Herwig Czech 'Hans Asperger, National Socialism, and “race hygiene” in Nazi-era Vienna'
Susana Jimenez-Murcia 'Gaming and Gambling in Teenagers: an Issue of Growing Concern'