Spanish annual event in association with the American Academy

60th Congress of AEPNYA in San Sebastián: first Ocean crossing for AACAP

The 60th Congress of the Spanish association for child and adolescent psychiatry (AEPNYA) in San Sebastián – uniquely co-organized with the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) – has taken place in the Centro Kursaal of Donostia, Basque for San Sebastián, the beautiful town on the Bay of Biscay, between Bilbao and the French border. San Sebastián is designated European Capital of Culture for the year 2016 by the European Union, along with Wroclaw (Poland). For the American Academy this was the first European congress ever.

Stephan Eliez at the Donostia congressCommunity initiative
The congress presented an extraordinary local community initiative, ‘EUSKADI GatzeChildren2016’ (Children and Youth Basque Country 2016), that involved all people and relevant institutions of San Sebastián (mental health care, education, social services) in order to connect the congress to the local community. This programme involved key community agents and groups in discussing and searching for alternatives for some important child and adolescent mental health problems. The organizers’ goal was to share knowledge and practice between representatives of other than the usual sectors in the periphery of youth psychiatry, and to have specialist experts participating in the Congress. Read the Joaquín Fuentes (AEPNYA) and Bennet Leventhal (AACAP) interview about this unique initiative. The programme was fully funded by the Basque Country Public Authorities, including the Basque Government.

Read the BLOG by a San Sebastián delegate.