ESCAP 2009 archives: all abstracts and more

Documenting Budapest

ESCAP's Budapest Congress can now be re-experienced online. All abstracts and backgrounds of the scientific programme and more are now available on this web page. Inspired by board member professor Claude Bursztejn, responsible for ESCAP's care/clinical division, this is a step towards systematic documentation of the knowledge exchanged during ESCAP conferences. Simply click on the keywords below to find all content.

ESCAP 2009 Congress logoPresidential introduction.

Programme book (pdf).

Budapest plenary sessions and abstracts

Opening lecture – Sir Michael Rutter (UK) – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: past and future in a new Europe. Chaired by P.A. Rydelius (Sweden).

Plenary Session I. – Jan Buitelaar (Netherlands) – Gene-environment interactions in ADHD. Chaired by A. Warnke (Germany).

Plenary Session II. – E. Sonuga-Barke (UK) – Complexity, Heterogeneity and Ambiguity as Barriers to Translational Science in Child Psychiatry – the case of ADHD. Chaired by R. Minderaa (Netherlands).

Plenary Session III. – H. Remschmidt (Germany) – Quality of Life (QOL) in Child and Adolescent Psychiatric (CAP) Patients: Cross-Sectional and Longitudinal Data. Chaired by B. Herpertz-Dahlmann (Germany) and T. Tamminen (Finland).

Plenary Session IV. – A. Bailey (UK) – Autism Spectrum Disorders and Genetics. Chaired by P. Szatmari (Canada).

Plenary Session V. – H. van Engeland (Netherlands) – Autism and Schizophrenia: a Reappraisal. Chaired by H. Remschmidt (Germany).

Plenary Session VI. – F. Verhulst (Netherlands) – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry: The Importance of Epidemiology. Chaired by R. Minderaa (Netherlands).

Plenary Session VII. – J.F. Leckman (USA) – Tourette Syndrome: The Relentless Drumbeat. Chaired by A. Apter (Israel).

Plenary Session VIII. – M. Kovacs (USA) – Affect Regulation, Mood Repair and Juvenile-Onset Depressions. Chaired by M. Tomori (Slovenia).

Plenary Session IX. – J. Hebebrand (Germany) – Getting Weighty Issues in Anorexia Nervosa Sorted Out. Chaired by P. Hoekstra (Netherlands).

All abstracts (pdf).

Budapest 2009 slide show impression.