ESCAP 1999 archives: "One of the most successful ESCAP congresses"

Documenting Hamburg

11th International ESCAP Congress, Hamburg, Germany.

Professor Helmut RemschmidtWhile looking through different advertisements of ESCAP, I realized that in many of them the 11th International ESCAP congress in Hamburg was not mentioned. It took place from Sept 15-19th, 1999, and was one of the most successful ESCAP congresses.
At this congress, special courses were carried out in addition to the general program and the poster sessions. There was a student tutorship program and a teaching programme for pupils in schools, the Hamburg ESCAP Declaration was launched and a congress monograph was produced by H. Remschmidt and H. van Engeland (editors): European Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. Historical Development, Current Situation, and Future Perspectives.

Prof. Helmut Remschmidt
posted 15 November 2016

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ESCAP Hamburg 1999 Brochure
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