ESCAP General Assembly 2022: Tuesday 21st June in Maastricht

ESCAP General Assembly will take place on Tuesday 21st June 2022 in Maastricht

We are very happy to finalise the details of the upcoming General Assembly that will take place in person at the Maastricht congress. 

We strongly encourage all of our National Society members to have a representative at the meeting and also would be keen to hear if you have any issues or topics that you wish to discuss with our community at this meeting. Please get in contact with our editor or president to discuss these further and confirm your attendance. 

Below you will see the agenda. We will update this closer to the time with relevant information and links.

View the official invitation

View the minutes from the virtual 2021 ESCAP General Assembly

View details from previous General Assembly June 2021 virtual

Email sent for national societies to bid to host the ESCAP 2027 congress

Email to national societies to announce General Assembly


ESCAP General Assembly
Maastricht, Maastricht Exhibition & Congress Centre (MECC)
Tuesday 21st 2022
Room 03
14:45 – 16:30 CET
  1. Opening

Opening and welcome by the president D. Anagnostopoulos

  1. General Assembly June 2021

Approval of the minutes from General Assembly Zoom meeting 26 June 2021 - Maeve Doyle View the minutes

  1. Presidential report (D. Anagnostopoulos)

Summary of ESCAP activities since the last general assembly in June 2021

  1. Proposal of the host country for ESCAP 2027 congress
  • Greece will present their proposal in accordance with the ESCAP Bylaws
  • Votes from all attending National Societies
  • Confirmation of final votes and approval
  1. Update of ESCAP 2023 Copenhagen congress preparationsPresentation by Anne Marie Christensen Raberg and Stephan Eliez
  1. Discussion on ESCAP relations with EU projects
  1. Any other business
     8. Final comments and closure of meeting

Nominations for hosting the ESCAP Congress 2027

Every two years the members have the opportunity to vote for the society that will host a future ESCAP Congress. The next congresses will be held in Maastricht in 2022 (note the postponement of the date due to COVID-19), Copenhagen in 2023, and Strasbourg in 2025. 

Preparation of congresses can start up to 3 years before the actual date, thus forward planning, especially due the unprecedented times, is essential. The country, the city and the venue should be attractive for a wide audience and suitable for the purpose of a large conference.

Do you want to host the 2027 event? Tell us

Example schedule for preparing an ESCAP congress

Example budget of an ESCAP congress

Tell us your participating and your nominations

It is important for us to know who will be in attendance and who will represent each country. Please contact our editor or president to confirm your attendance.