Child and adolescent mental health professionals appreciate escap.eu as a knowledge platform

The international community of child and adolescent mental health professionals appreciates escap.eu as a knowledge platform. The ESCAP audience shows a clear preference for in-depth content.

ESCAP online survey July 2017A sample of 251 respondents – both attendees at the Geneva congress, and non-attendees – said to be mainly interested in ESCAP Online's expert interviews and other feature stories (29%), monthly updates of ECAP, the official ESCAP journal (21.2%) and special items, such as reports on the ESCAP refugee project (11.4%). Another 30.6% liked the brief news items, alerts and announcements on the ESCAP home page.
Chart 2 from ESCAP online survey July 2017More than 38% of the respondents agree that ESCAP Online covers the important topics in child and adolescent psychiatry; another 32% likes the current topics but would appreciate a broader variety of subjects. 25.4% would like to see even more in-depth knowledge on the ESCAP web pages.

News alert guidance
60% of all respondents rated the ESCAP website as "good" to "indispensable", another 37% says it is "rather useful". A large majority of the ESCAP Online audience (88.7%) says to be happy with the News Alerts and Newsletters by e-mail. A smaller majority (just over 50%) regularly uses these e-mail messages as their guidance tool to select interesting new topics on the website.

Website traffic
ESCAP Online top-10 countries Oct 2017Some 70% of the respondents have clinical jobs in youth mental health, over 22% are researchers and a small group of about 3% work in policy jobs.
The survey was performed the day after the ESCAP 2017 Congress in Geneva Switzerland, which probably explains that a Swiss audience (and congress delegates) are leading the country top-10 out of the 250,000 times that the websites was visited over the past year. More surprisingly for a European society, the United States are second and Australia ninth on this chart, with 7.8% and 3.05% of the audience.