Israel Society for Biological Psychiatry supports early-career psychiatrists

The Clinician-Scientist Hub

Selected early-career psychiatrists in Israel are supported by the 'Clinician-Scientist Hub'. This is what they do.

ESCAP BLOGThe Clinician-Scientist Hub in psychiatry was established in 2016 by the Israel Society for Biological Psychiatry. The goal of the program is to assist early-career psychiatrists in launching their careers as clinician-scientists. Following an initial screening phase which included letters of intent and curriculum vitaes, appropriate individuals were interviewed by the four establishers and leaders of the Hub. Finally, 28 early-career psychiatrists were accepted to a funded two-year program, all whom committed to fully completing a research project within that time-span, including submission to publication and presentation in a scientific conference. Each Hub member was initially assigned a mentor based on their research project. Throughout the first year, alongside personal mentorship, bi-monthly Hub meetings were held, and included a combination of lectures by experts in biological psychiatry, workshops in research-related topics (such as grant writing, statistical analysis, reference software, etcetera) and work in small-groups of seven members which included practice of scientific presentations, both in terms of content as well as in terms of form. In addition, designated meetings with distinguished clinician-scientists from around the world were held, inspiring and instructing Hub members as part of their career path. This year we had the pleasure of hosting professor Stephan Eliez from the University of Geneva, who shared the story of his personal career path and provided feedback on studies conducted by four Hub members. One year after its launch, during the annual meeting of the Israel Society of Biological Psychiatry, all Hub members will present their findings in a poster-session, after which they will dedicate the upcoming year to finalizing their projects, writing and submitting for publication. We feel this program is a true stepping-stone for highly motivated individuals serving a crucial role in building the future of psychiatry in Israel.

Clinician-Scientist Hub (Israel)Doron Gothelf
Yoav Kohn
Hagai Maoz
Shaul Lev-Ran