ROAMER presents final Roadmap for mental health research

Number one high level priority for research into prevention and youth mental health

The ROAMER consortium has published its important final recommendations on European mental health research – the end report assigned the number one “high level priority” to “research into mental disorder prevention, mental health promotion and interventions in children, adolescents and young adults.”

ROAMER final Roadmap, coverROAMERa Roadmap for Mental Health and Well being Research in Europe – was a three-year project funded by the European Commission, under the Seventh Framework Programme. Fourteen renowned European mental health research institutions participated as official partners and the project was supported by a stakeholders’ advisory board, a scientific advisory board and a government and funding institution council. Professor Ruud Minderaa, president of ESCAP, took part in the stakeholders’ advisory board. The work of ROAMER was based on a common methodology and conceptual framework that covers the full spectrum of biological, psychological, epidemiological, public health, social and economic aspects of mental health and well-being.

Funding vs. impact
The final Roadmap report identifies that mental disorders increasingly “place immense burdens on individuals, their families and society” and estimates the cost of mental disorders in Europe as high as 461 billion euros per year. The report signals that the quality of European mental healthcare and research is high, but the funding for mental health research in Europe is much lower than the population impact of the disorders.
The ROAMER recommendations are now defined in a comprehensive and integrated mental health research roadmap, focused on improving the mental health of the population and increasing European competitiveness. The ROAMER working groups have analysed over a thousand resources all over Europe – both individuals and stakeholder organizations.

High level priorities
In collaboration with its advisory boards, researchers, experts and stakeholders, ROAMER determined these six high level priorities for European mental health research:

  1. Research into mental disorder prevention, mental health promotion and interventions in children, adolescents and young adults.
  2. Focus on the development and causal mechanisms of mental health symptoms, syndromes and well being across the lifespan (including older populations).
  3. Developing and maintaining international and interdisciplinary research networks and shared databases.
  4. Developing and implementing better interventions using new scientific and technological advances.
  5. Reducing stigma, empowering service users and carers in decisions about mental health care, research.
  6. Health and social systems research that addresses quality of care and takes account of socio-cultural and socio-economic contexts and approaches.

View or download the final Roadmap here (pdf, short version).