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October issue

Volume 25, Issue 10, October 2016

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ECAP journal February 2016Editorial
Early detection of child and adolescent mental disorders: some elements of a necessary debate
Bruno Falissard – Pages 1041-1043

Psychological treatments for depression in pre-adolescent children (12 years and younger): systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trials
M. Azul Forti-Buratti, Rupalim Saikia – Pages 1045-1054

Original Contribution
Early development in children that are later diagnosed with disorders of attention and activity: a longitudinal study in the Danish National Birth Cohort
Sanne Lemcke, Erik T. Parner, Merete Bjerrum – Pages 1055-1066

Original Contribution
Factors associated with psychiatric symptoms and psychiatric disorders in ethnic minority youth
Marcia Adriaanse, Theo Doreleijers – Pages 1067-1079

Original Contribution
Epigenetic regulation of the DRD4 gene and dimensions of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder in children
Mark R. Dadds, Olivia Schollar-Root – Pages 1081-1089

Original Contribution
Attenuated psychotic and basic symptom characteristics in adolescents with ultra-high risk criteria for psychosis, other non-psychotic psychiatric disorders and early-onset psychosis
Nella Lo Cascio, Riccardo Saba, Marta Hauser – Pages 1091-1102

Original Contribution
Parental death in childhood and self-inflicted injuries in young adults-a national cohort study from Sweden
Mikael Rostila, Lisa Berg, Arzu Arat – Pages 1103-1111

Original Contribution
Selective mutism and temperament: the silence and behavioral inhibition to the unfamiliar
Angelika Gensthaler, Sally Khalaf, Marc Ligges – Pages 1113-1120

Original Contribution
Validity of proposed DSM-5 ADHD impulsivity symptoms in children
Gül Ünsel Bolat, Eyüp Sabri Ercan – Pages 1121-1132

Original Contribution
The association between familial ASD diagnosis, autism symptomatology and developmental functioning in young children
Jasper A. Estabillo, Johnny L. Matson – Pages 1133-1140

Brief Report
Early emotional and behavioral difficulties and adult educational attainment: an 18-year follow-up of the TEMPO study
Ariella Zbar, Pamela J. Surkan, Eric Fombonne – Pages 1141-1143

Letter to the Editor
The 2015 French guidelines on alcohol misuse, issued in partnership with the European Federation of Addiction Societies: a focus on children and adolescents
Benjamin Rolland, François Paille, Karl Mann – Pages 1145-1148