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June issue

Volume 25, Issue 6, June 2016

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ECAP journal February 2016

Enhancing mental health literacy in young people
Stan Kutcher, Yifeng Wei, Susana Costa Pages 567-569

The use of medication in selective mutism: a systematic review
Katharina Manassis, Beate Oerbeck Pages 571-578

Original Contribution
Poor peer relations predict parent- and self-reported behavioral and emotional problems of adolescents with gender dysphoria: a cross-national, cross-clinic comparative analysis
Annelou L. C. de Vries, Thomas D. Steensma Pages 579-588

Original Contribution
Parenting stress and postpartum depression/anxiety in mothers with personality disorders: indications for differential intervention priorities
Brigitte Ramsauer, Christine Mühlhan Pages 589-600

Original Contribution
Maternal psychological distress in primary care and association with child behavioural outcomes at age three
Stephanie L. Prady, Kate E. Pickett, Tim Croudace Pages 601-613

Original Contribution
Mother and adolescent expressed emotion and adolescent internalizing and externalizing symptom development: a six-year longitudinal study
William W. Hale III, Elisabetta Crocetti Pages 615-624

Original Contribution
Cognitive flexibility and performance in children and adolescents with threshold and sub-threshold bipolar disorder
Daniel P. Dickstein, David Axelson Pages 625-638

Original Contribution

Effectiveness of a brief school-based intervention on depression, anxiety, hyperactivity, and delinquency: a cluster randomized controlled trial
Ferry X. Goossens, J. Lammers, S. A. Onrust Pages 639-648

Original Contribution
Clinical predictors of antipsychotic use in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorders: a historical open cohort study using electronic health records
Johnny Downs, Matthew Hotopf, Tamsin Ford Pages 649-658

Original Contribution
Exploring the relationship between quality of life and mental health problems in children: implications for measurement and practice
Helen Sharpe, Praveetha Patalay, Elian Fink Pages 659-667

ESCAP Communication
Lessons learned from the past on mental health care of refugee children in Serbia
Milica Pejovic Milovancevic, Veronika Ispanovic Pages 669-672