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April issue

Volume 26, Issue 4, April 2017

ECAP journal February 2016

Looking beyond randomized controlled trials
Pieter J. Hoekstra Pages 385-386

Impulsivity and self-harm in adolescence: a systematic review
Joanna Lockwood, David Daley, Ellen Townsend Pages 387-402

Original Contribution
Less reduction of psychosocial problems among adolescents with unmet communication needs
Margot Jager, Sijmen A. Reijneveld, Josue Almansa Pages 403-412

Original Contribution
Outpatient antipsychotic drug use in children and adolescents in Germany between 2004 and 2011
Carsten Schröder, Michael Dörks, Bianca Kollhorst Pages 413-420

Original Contribution
Associations of attention-deficit/hyperactivity and other childhood disorders with psychotic experiences and disorders in adolescence
Timo Hennig, Edo S. Jaya, Ute Koglin Pages 421-431

Original Contribution
Predictors of non-drug psychiatric/psychotherapeutic treatment in children and adolescents with mental or behavioural disorders
Sascha Abbas, Peter Ihle, Jürgen-Bernhard Adler Pages 433-444

Original Contribution
Cognitive functioning in children with internalising, externalising and dysregulation problems: a population-based study
Laura M. E. Blanken, Tonya White, Sabine E. Mous Pages 445-456

Original Contribution
An RCT into the effects of neurofeedback on neurocognitive functioning compared to stimulant medication and physical activity in children with ADHD
Katleen Geladé, Marleen Bink, Tieme W.P. Janssen Pages 457-468

Original Contribution
Psychopathic personality traits in 5 year old twins: the importance of genetic and shared environmental influences
Catherine Tuvblad, Kostas A. Fanti Pages 469-479

Original Contribution
Do child healthcare professionals and parents recognize social-emotional and behavioral problems in 1-year-old infants?
Jaana Alakortes, Susanna Kovaniemi Pages 481-495

Original Contribution
Maternal warmth and toddler development: support for transactional models in disadvantaged families
Lisa-Christine Girard, Orla Doyle Pages 497-507

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