EU Parliament adopts resolution on mental health

12/12/2023: MEPs adopted their recommendations on prioritising mental health, as an integral part of a person’s health, in EU and national policies. MEPs call on the Commission to draw up a long-term, comprehensive and integrated EU Mental Health Strategy. Member states should develop corresponding national strategies with clear timelines, adequate budgets, concrete targets and indicators to monitor progress.

MEPs say mental health and well-being is shaped by a combination of socio-economic, environmental, biological and genetic factors, and that any person at any point in their life can become more susceptible to poorer mental health. A “mental-health-in-all-policies approach” is needed, they add, to prevent, address and mitigate the impact of mental health conditions.

The report calls on member states to prioritise and improve access to mental health services for vulnerable groups, such as children, adolescents, young adults, LGBTQIA+ persons, patients with chronic conditions and disabilities, elderly people, migrants and ethnic minorities.

Key issues relation to the mental health of children and adolescents.

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