Methodology & treatment techniques

In this section, we have grouped together previously published ESCAP documents on methodology and treatment techniques, which have both research and clinical aspects. 

We would like to expand on these items, if you would like to contribute then please contact our editor.


Breaking down the boundaries: comorbidity of mental and physical disorders by Kathleen Merikangas, 2013

Developmental psychopathology

Synapsy Symposium: Electro-physiological brain correlates of developmental psychopathology and the early adverse experience that poses risk for it, Geneva 2017


Computerized learning for children with developmental delay by Bronwyn Glaser


The importance of epidemiology by Frank Verhulst, 2009

Evidence-based practices

Evidence-based practices in children's mental health in the USA, 2015


Towards ESCAP uniform guidelines for diagnostics and treatment by Brendan Doody


Adaptive Mentalization-Based Integrative Treatment (AMBIT) program for reaching 'hard to reach' youth by Dickon Bevington

Also see Peter Fonagy lecture series on personality disorders and mentalization


Synapsy Symposium: Neuroimaging markers of risk for severe mental disorders, Geneva 2017


Transition to adulthood in a frightening world, the nursing angle, by Eva Lindgren

Parent-infant joint therapies

Parent/infant joint therapies and interactive guidance by Bernard Golse, 2017

Parental mental health and early childhood Development: why should we assess withdrawal behaviour in infants? Or: What does what to whom, under which circumstances? by Antoine Guedeney, 2015


Where is the future going for psychoanalysis? by Otto Hernberg, 2019


Psychotherapy: core business for psychiatrists by Franz Resch


Towards a focused approach to screening for mental disorders by Johannes Hebebrand

Pre- and postnatal Screening: Implications for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry by Johannes Hebebrand

Therapy innovations

Experimental analysis is the starting point for science driven therapeutic innovation by Edmund Sonuga-Barke, 2009

Virtual reality

Embracing virtual reality as a future technology for mental health by Lucia Valmaggia, 2019