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December 2023

Volume 32, issue 12, December 2023

26 articles in this issue

The long shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic on children and adolescents’ mental health
Maria Melchior, Editorial, 17 November 2023, Pages: 2385 - 2386

The added value of a micro-level ecological approach when mapping self-regulatory control processes and externalizing symptoms during adolescence: a systematic review
Sébastien Urben, Lauriane Constanty, Kerstin Jessica Plessen, Review, Open access, 16 March 2022, Pages: 2387 - 2397

Prevalence of engagement and frequency of non-suicidal self-injury behaviors in adolescence: an investigation of the longitudinal course and the role of temperamental effortful control
Concetta Esposito, Mirella Dragone, Dario Bacchini, Original Contribution, Open access, 19 September 2022, Pages: 2399 – 2414

Emotion recognition profiles in clusters of youth based on levels of callous-unemotional traits and reactive and proactive aggression
Renee Kleine Deters, Jilly Naaijen, Andrea Dietrich, Original Contribution, Open access, 20 September 2022, Pages: 2415 - 2425

Perceived post-migration discrimination: the perspective of adolescents with migration background
Andrea Borho, Eva Morawa, Yesim Erim, Original Contribution, Open access, 21 September 2022, Pages: 2427 - 2438

Models of integrated care for young people experiencing medical emergencies related to mental illness: a realist systematic review
Michaela Otis, Susan Barber, Dasha Nicholls, Original Contribution, Open access, 24 September 2022, Pages: 2439 - 2452

Adolescents’ primary care consultations before and after parental suicide: evidence from population-wide data
Rannveig K. Hart, Solveig Glestad Christiansen, Lars Johan Hauge, Original Contribution, Open access, 29 September 2022, Pages: 2453 - 2462

Maternal exposure to childhood maltreatment and mental and behavioral disorders in children
Aino Airikka, Marius Lahti-Pulkkinen, Katri Räikkönen, Original Contribution, Open access, 01 October 2022, Pages: 2463 - 2475

The efficacy of the “Talk-to-Me” suicide prevention and mental health education program for tertiary students: a crossover randomised control trial
Bahareh Afsharnejad, Ben Milbourn, Sonya Girdler, Original Contribution, Open access, 04 October 2022, Pages: 2477 - 2489

Parent–child psychotherapy targeting emotion development: unpacking the impact of parental depression on child, parenting and engagement outcomes
Karen T. G. Schwartz, Andrea Chronis-Tuscano, Joan Luby, Original Contribution, 10 October 2022, Pages: 2491 - 2501

The influence of childhood aspirations on the risk of developing psychotic disorders, substance use disorders, and dual diagnosis in adulthood based on the Metropolit 1953 Danish Male Birth Cohort
Natacha Blauenfeldt Kyster, Katrine Tranberg, Solvej Mårtensson, Original Contribution, 15 October 2022, Pages: 2503 - 2512

Reciprocal associations between affective decision-making and mental health in adolescence
Francesca Bentivegna, Eirini Flouri, Efstathios Papachristou, Original Contribution, Open access, 17 October 2022, Pages: 2513 - 2522

Emotion processing in maltreated boys and girls: Evidence for latent vulnerability
Bianca Diaconu, Gregor Kohls, Stephane A. De Brito, Original Contribution, Open access, 04 February 2023, Pages: 2523 - 2536

Demographics and gender-related measures in younger and older adolescents presenting to a gender service
Marijn Arnoldussen, Frédérique B. B. de Rooy, Thomas D. Steensma, Original Contribution, Open access, 12 November 2022, Pages: 2537 - 2546

Parenting boys with conduct problems and callous-unemotional traits: parent and child perspectives
Ruth Roberts, Eamon McCrory, Essi Viding, Original Contribution, Open access, 14 November 2022, Pages: 2547 - 2555

Variation in attitudes toward diagnosis and medication of ADHD: a survey among clinicians in the Norwegian child and adolescent mental health services
Ingvild Lyhmann, Tarjei Widding-Havneraas, Anne Halmøy, Original Contribution, Open access, 19 November 2022, Pages: 2557 - 2567

Social leisure time activities as a mediating link between self-reported psychological symptoms in adolescence and psychiatric morbidity by young adulthood: the Northern Finland 1986 Birth Cohort study
Johanna Timonen, Mika Niemelä, Sami Räsänen, Original Contribution, Open access, 22 November 2022, Pages: 2569 - 2580

Childhood emotional dysregulation paths for suicide-related behaviour engagement in adolescence
Alejandro de la Torre-Luque, Cecilia A. Essau, Guilherme Borges, Original Contribution, 23 November 2022, Pages: 2581 - 2592

Almost 2 years into the COVID-19 pandemic: an update on parental stress, parent mental health, and the occurrence of child maltreatment
Claudia Calvano, Lara Engelke, Sibylle M. Winter, Original Contribution, Open access, 04 February 2023, Pages: 2593 - 2609

Mentalization-based treatment for adolescents with conduct disorder (MBT-CD): a feasibility study
Sophie Hauschild, Lea Kasper, Svenja Taubner, Original Contribution, Open access, 25 November 2022, Pages: 2611 - 2622

How does Tourette syndrome impact adolescents’ daily living? A text mining study
Cyril Atkinson-Clement, Marion Duflot, Yulia Worbe, Original Contribution, Open access, 02 December 2022, Pages: 2623 - 2635

Monthly correlates of longitudinal child mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic according to children and caregivers
Lance M. Rappaport, Alexandra Mactavish, Marco Battaglia, Original Contribution, 09 December 2022, Pages: 2637 - 2648

Electroconvulsive therapy in children and adolescents: results from a population‑based study utilising the Swedish National Quality Register
Olof Rask, Axel Nordenskjöld, Pouya Movahed Rad, Original Contribution, Open access, 13 December 2022, Pages: 2649 - 2656

Mental health in clinically referred children and young people before and during the Covid-19 pandemic
Kapil Sayal, Christopher Partlett, Alan Montgomery, Original Contribution, Open access, 17 December 2022, Pages: 2657 – 2666

Distance to home does not influence treatment success during and after inpatient treatment in adolescents with anorexia nervosa
Adrian Meule, David R. Kolar, Ulrich Voderholzer, Brief Report, Open access, 08 June 2022, Pages: 2667 - 2670

Advocacy for a coordinated and safe response for the mental health and psychosocial needs of children affected by the conflict in Ukraine
Mireia Solerdelcoll, Dennis Ougrin, Samuele Cortese, Letter to the Editor, 23 August 2022, Pages: 2671 - 2673