Current issue: April

Volume 30, issue 4, April 2021

Diagnostic overlap and exploration of risk factors in child psychiatry
Carmen Moreno. Editorial. Pages: 493 - 495
Early non-social behavioural indicators of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in siblings at elevated likelihood for ASD: a systematic review
Daniela Canu, Sara Van der Paelt, Herbert Roeyers et al. Review. Pages: 497 - 538
Parental death by external causes and risk of hospital-treated deliberate self-harm in bereaved offspring
Lisa Victoria Burrell, Lars Mehlum, Ping Qin et al. Original Contribution. Pages: 539 - 548
Visual search in ADHD, ASD and ASD + ADHD: overlapping or dissociating disorders?
Seernani, K. Damania, Christoph Klein et al. Original Contribution. Pages: 549 - 562
Hair cortisol in mother–child dyads: examining the roles of maternal parenting and stress in the context of early childhood adversity
Hannah Elise Bryson, Fiona Mensah, Rebecca Giallo et al. Original Contribution. Pages: 563 – 577.
The ASDEU autism prevalence study in northern Spain
Joaquin Fuentes, Ane Basurko, Manuel Posada de la Paz et al. Original Contribution. Pages: 579 - 589
Bullying victimization and stress sensitivity in help-seeking youth: findings from an experience sampling study
Christian Rauschenberg, Jim van Os, Ulrich Reininghaus et al. Original Contribution. Pages: 591 - 605
The role of genetic and environmental factors in covariation between anxiety and anger in childhood
Simona Scaini, Giulio Centorame, Marco Battaglia et al. Original Contribution. Pages: 607 - 617
Beneath the surface: hyper-connectivity between caudate and salience regions in ADHD fMRI at rest
Stefano Damiani, Livio Tarchi, Pierluigi Politi et al. Original Contribution. Pages: 619 – 631.
Is an irritable ADHD profile traceable using personality dimensions? Replicability, stability, and predictive value over time of data-driven profiles
Tessa F. Blanken, Ophélie Courbet, Thomas Villemonteix et al. Original Contribution. Pages: 633 - 645
Increased prevalence of inattention-related symptoms in a large cohort of patients with congenital heart disease
Chia-Ching Wang, Wen-Chin Weng, Shuenn-Nan Chiu et al. Original Contribution. Pages: 647 - 655
The importance of parental knowledge in the association between ADHD symptomatology and related domains of impairment
Tycho J. Dekkers, Hilde M. Huizenga, Bianca E. Boyer et al. Original Contribution. Pages: 657 - 669
Will you agree to treat a suicidal adolescent? A comparative study among mental health professionals
Gvion, H. Rozett, T. Stern. Original Contribution. Pages: 671 - 680