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May 2024

Volume 33, issue 5, May 2024

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Unexpected mental health improvement in children and adolescents during COVID-19-who benefits from staying at home?
Nimrod Hertz-Palmor, Doron Gothelf, Editorial, 09 April 2024, Pages: 1235 - 1237

Family-based psychological interventions for domestically adoptive families: a systematic review
Jack Purrington, Shona Goodall, Jacqueline Lynch, Review, 20 April 2023, Pages: 1239 - 1256

Scoping review: longitudinal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on child and adolescent mental health
Kristin Wolf, Julian Schmitz, Review, Open access, 21 April 2023, Pages: 1257 - 1312

A systematic review exploring characteristics of youth with severe and enduring mental health problems (SEMHP)
C. H. Bansema, R. R. J. M. Vermeiren … L. A. Nooteboom, Review, Open access, 24 April 2023, Pages: 1313 - 1325

Delivering transgender-specific knowledge and skills into health and allied health studies and training: a systematic review
L. Jecke, F. D. Zepf, Review, Open access, 28 April 2023, Pages: 1327 - 1354

Micronutrients for ADHD in youth (MADDY) study: comparison of results from RCT and open label extension
Brenda M. Y. Leung, Priya Srikanth … Jeanette M. Johnstone, Original Contribution, 08 June 2023, Pages: 1355 - 1367

“I’m always going to be tired”: a qualitative exploration of adolescents’ experiences of fatigue in depression
Nina Higson-Sweeney, Kate Cooper … Maria E. Loades, Original Contribution, Open access, 10 June 2023, Pages: 1369 - 1381

Drug-related catatonia in youths: real-world insights from the WHO Safety Database
Diane Merino, Alexandre O. Gérard … Milou-Daniel Drici, Original Contribution, Open access, 12 June 2023, Pages: 1383 - 1393

Different brain functional network abnormalities between attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder youth with and without familial risk for bipolar disorder
Kun Qin, Du Lei …Melissa P. DelBello, Original Contribution, 19 June 2023, Pages: 1395 - 1405

Indirect effect of ADHD on parenting stress through increased child anxiety and decreased emotional regulatory coping
Anna R. Olczyk, Paul J. Rosen … Meaghan M. Flynn, Original Contribution, 23 June 2023, Pages: 1407 - 1417

ADHD-related sex differences in emotional symptoms across development
Alyssa C. De Ronda, Laura Rice … Karen E. Seymour, Original Contribution, 27 June 2023, Pages: 1419 - 1432

Prevalence of chronic and multisite pain in adolescents and young adults with ADHD: a comparative study between clinical and general population samples (the HUNT study)
Ingunn Mundal, Jorun Schei … Levi R. Kvitland, Original Contribution, Open access, 29 June 2023, Pages: 1433 - 1442

Temporal changes in the associations between diagnosed psychiatric disorders and dropping out of school early
Ida Ringbom, Jaana Suvisaari … David Gyllenberg, Original Contribution, Open access, 29 June 2023, Pages: 1443 - 1450

Data-driven profiles of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder using objective and ecological measures of attention, distractibility, and hyperactivity
Pilar Fernández-Martín, Rocío Rodríguez-Herrera … Pilar Flores, Original Contribution, Open access, 30 June 2023, Pages: 1451 - 1463

Barriers and facilitators to social prescribing in child and youth mental health: perspectives from the frontline
D. Hayes, A. Olsson … E. Stapley, Original Contribution, Open access, 05 July 2023, Pages: 1465 - 1479

Diagnostic trajectories of mental disorders in children and adolescents: a cohort study
Braulio Girela-Serrano, Carolina Miguélez-Fernández … Alejandro Porras-Segovia, Original Contribution, 08 July 2023, Pages: 1481 - 1494

Change in child mental health during the Ukraine war: evidence from a large sample of parents
Eoin McElroy, Philip Hyland … Dmytro Martsenkovskyi, Original Contribution, Open access, 08 July 2023, Pages: 1495 - 1502

Short-term effects of an elimination diet and healthy diet in children with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: a randomized-controlled trial
Annick Huberts-Bosch, Margreet Bierens … Nanda N. Rommelse, Original Contribution, Open access, 11 July 2023, Pages: 1503 - 1516

Comparing behavioural outcomes in children born extremely preterm between 2006 and 1995: the EPICure studies
Jennifer Larsen, Puja Kochhar … Samantha Johnson, Original Contribution, Open access, 11 July 2023, Pages: 1517 - 1528

Risk of periodontitis in adolescents with bipolar disorder: a cohort study of 21,255 subjects
Ping-Chung Wu, Shih-Jen Tsai … Mu-Hong Chen, Original Contribution, 13 July 2023, Pages: 1529 - 1537

Correlations between sleep problems, core symptoms, and behavioral problems in children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Heeyeon Kim, Jae Han Kim … Paolo Fusar-Poli, Original Contribution, Open access, 21 July 2023, Pages: 1539 - 1549

Positive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on depression and anxiety in Chinese adolescents
Xinhua Yang, Andrew J. Lawrence, Roland Zahn, Original Contribution, Open access, 24 July 2023, Pages: 1551 - 1561

Factor structure and measurement invariance of the Mood and Feelings Questionnaire: a cross-cultural study among Thai and British adolescents
Nanthaka Supreeyaporn, Rebecca Watson … Paul E. Jenkins, Original Contribution, 31 July 2023, Pages: 1563 - 1572

The differential impact of the DSM-5 post-traumatic stress symptoms on functional impairment in traumatized children and adolescents
Lasse Bartels, Ane-Marthe Solheim Skar … Tine K. Jensen, Original Contribution, Open access, 02 August 2023, Pages: 1573 - 1581

The longitudinal impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on adolescents' internalizing symptoms, substance use, and digital media use
Anat Shoshani, Ariel Kor, Original Contribution, 04 August 2023, Pages: 1583 - 1595

High resting heart rate protects against the intergenerational transmission of antisocial behavior: a birth cohort study
Adrian Raine, Olivia Choy … Jianghong Liu, Brief Report, 23 June 2023, Pages: 1597 - 1603

ESCAP endorses the inclusion of methylphenidate in the WHO model lists of essential medicines and in the Union list of critical medicines
Samuele Cortese, David Coghill … Stephen V. Faraone, ESCAP Communication, 25 April 2024, Pages: 1605 - 1608

Correction to: Does behavioural parent training reduce internalising symptoms (or not) among children with externalising problems? Systematic review and meta-analysis
Christy Bloss, Sophie Brown … Vilas Sawrikar, Correction, Open access, 03 April 2023, Pages: 1609 - 1609

Correction to: Social leisure time activities as a mediating link between self-reported psychological symptoms in adolescence and psychiatric morbidity by young adulthood: the Northern Finland 1986 Birth Cohort study
Johanna Timonen, Mika Niemelä … Sami Räsänen, Correction, Open access, 12 April 2023, Pages: 1611 - 1611

Correction to: Understanding the relationship between gender and mental health in adolescence: the Gender Adherence Index (GAI)
Xavier Cela-Bertran, Guille Peguero … Asun Pié-Balaguer, Correction, 25 May 2023, Pages: 1613 - 1613

Correction to: Anxiety in children with CFS/ME
Esther Crawley, Linda Hunt, Paul Stallard, Correction, 25 May 2023, Pages: 1615 - 1615