Current issue: December

ECAP December issue: Volume 29, Issue 12

What happened to the concept of adolescence crisis?
Robert Waltereit, Anne Uhlmann Veit Roessner, Stefan Ehrlich. Pages: 1617 - 1619
Experiences and satisfaction of children, young people and their parents with alternative mental health models to inpatient settings: a systematic review
Frane Vusio Andrew Thompson, Latoya Clarke et al. Pages: 1621 - 1633
Can auditory warning signals normalize eye movements in children with ADHD?
Johan Lundin Kleberg, Matilda A. Frick, Karin C. Brocki. Pages: 1635 - 1644
Subjective experience of social cognition in adolescents at ultra-high risk of psychosis: findings from a 24-month follow-up study
Lorenzo Pelizza, Michele Poletti, Andrea Raballo et al. Pages: 1645 - 1657
Transitions between socio-emotional and cognitive vulnerability profiles from early to middle childhood: a population study using multi-agency administrative records
Patrycja J. Piotrowska, Tyson Whitten, Melissa J. Green et al. Pages: 1659 - 1670
Influence of coping strategies on the efficacy of YAM (Youth Aware of Mental Health): a universal school-based suicide preventive program
Jean-Pierre Kahn, Renaud F. Cohen, Danuta Wasserman et al. Pages: 1671 - 1681
Investigating the association between family connectedness and self-control in adolescence in a genetically sensitive design
Yayouk E. Willems, Odilia M. Laceulle, Catrin Finkenauer et al. Pages: 1683 - 1692
Negative and disorganized symptoms mediate the relationship between verbal learning and global functioning in adolescents with early-onset psychosis
Runar Elle Smelror, Bjørn Rishovd Rund, Ingrid Agartz et al. Pages: 1693 - 1703
Familial aggregation analysis of cognitive performance in early-onset bipolar disorder
Jordi Soler, Sara Lera-Miguel, Mar Fatjó-Vilas et al.
Pages: 1705 - 1716
Prescribing antipsychotics in child and adolescent psychiatry: guideline adherence
Mariken Dinnissen, Andrea Dietrich, Barbara J. van den Hoofdakker et al. Pages: 1717 - 1727
Repeating a suicide attempt during adolescence: risk and protective factors 12 months after hospitalization
Bojan Mirkovic, David Cohen, Priscille Gerardin et al. Pages: 1729 - 1740
Comparison of suicide risk and other outcomes among boys and girls who self-harm
Anna Ohlis, Johan Bjureberg, Clara Hellner et al. Pages: 1741 - 1746