ECAP Journal ESCAP Communication (August 2022)

The 2022 ESCAP Research Academy Workshop: New Perspectives on Eating Disorders

Revet, A., Hebebrand, J. & Klauser, P. The 2022 ESCAP Research Academy Workshop: New Perspectives on Eating Disorders. Eur Child Adolesc Psychiatry 32, 369–370 (2023)

ECAP Journal Original Contribution (January 2020)

The child and adolescent psychiatry: study of training in Europe (CAP-STATE)

Barrett et al. 2020 European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry volume 29, pages 11–27

There is great cultural diversity across Europe. This is reflected in the organisation of child and adolescent mental health (CAMH) services and the training of the respective professionals in different countries in Europe. Patients and their parents will want a high quality, knowledgeable, and skillful service from child and adolescent psychiatrists (CAPs) wherever they see them in more

ECAP Journal Editorial (March 2018)

Dual training as clinician-scientist in child and adolescent psychiatry: are we there yet?

Revet et al. 2018 European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry volume 27, pages263–265(2018)

“Clinician-scientist” is a term used to designate specialists who engage in both clinical and research activities, including biomedical, epidemiological or clinical research [1]. In recent years, a general decline has been observed in the number of medical trainees who choose to combine patient care and a scientific career [2]....Read more 

ECAP Journal ESCAP Communication (October 2017)