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ESCAP resource centres archives years of information provided by experts from around the world, in the form of article, interviews, advice, YouTube documentaries, seminars.

We have collated the documents under each disorder, which are a mix from clinical and research perspectives.

Please be aware that some articles may have some overlap and will appear in our past events. These pages are constantly being modified and information being added. If you wish to contribute, please contact our editor.

Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)

Free Online course:

A life with ADHD by the University of Geneva, 2023

Research-related articles:

European Guidelines Group. Non-pharma interventions for ADHD: no significant effect on core symptoms, 2013

ADHD and Autism: interviews with Jan Buitelaar, 2013

ADHD: the endophenotype approach by professor Susan Shur-Fen Gau

Behavioral indicators in infancy as predictors of ASD, ADHD and conduct disorder in children: Call for joint research by Halina Kadziela-Olech

Neuroimaging in ADHD by Katya Rubia, 2015

ADHD: state of research by Tobias Banaschewski, 2013

Adolescents at risk of developing mental health problems

New morbidity: the switch from guilt to shame by Franz Resch, 2019

Adolescent attachment

Adolescent attachment: from brain to culture by Martin Debbané, 2015

Anxiety disorders

Treatment of anxiety and mood disorders by John T. Walkup, 2013

Management of anxiety disorders in children and adolescents by Cathy Cresswell, 2015

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Research-related articles:

“Studies on early treatment of autism are starting to have clinical value” by Tony Charman (french and german translations available), 2017

The Autism Agenda, Symposium series at the Geneva Congress, 2017

Tracking the emergence early autism symptoms in at-risk infants: Possibilities for prodromal intervention by Tony Charman, 2017

Recent progress in the genetics and genomics of ASD by Matthew State, 2013

Autism spectrum disorders: transforming innovation into policy by Joaquin Fuentes, 2013

Translate latest findings in autism from research to clinical practice by Marie Schaer, 2017

Synapsy Autism Symposia: Understanding mechanisms of change in children with ASD who receive intervention at the Geneva Congress, 2017

Synapsy Autism Symposia: Early intervention in preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): the Swiss experience in 5 university centers at the Geneva Congress, 2017

The rewarding work of translational projects by Camilla Bellone and Marie Schaer, 2019

Clinical-related articles:

Early ASD treatment by Sally Rogers, 2015

How malleable is autism? Outcome studies from the youngest children with ASD by Sally Rogers, 2015

ASD: supporting people to transit through science, lives and services by Joaquin Fuentes, 2017

ESCAP practice guidance paper for autism by Joaquin Fuentes, 2020


Long-term effects of Bullying "Important developmental influences have been ignored" - Diete Wolke interview (available in french and german), 2017

Peers and siblings matter for mental health: long term consequences of bullying by Dieter Wolke, 2017 

Bullying victimization and response to stress in children and adolescents by Louise Arseneault, 2015 

Child abuse and neglect

Trauma and child maltreatment: ten years of knowledge development by Marie-José van Hoof

Abuse and neglect: talk to the children by Silje Braastad and Trine Norevik, 2017

Unicef report on violence against children, 2017

Conduct disorder

Conduct disorder in female adolescents, Christine Freitag, 2017


A doctor's dilemma: cure the deafness or sign into a new language by Karen Goldberg and colleagues, 2017

Tranistion issues in the psychiatric care of deaf and hard of hearing adolescents by Karin Goldberg, 2017


Unique research on depression & conduct disorder development by Ian Goodyer, 2015

Depression in children and adolescents: a developmental perspective by Ian Goodyer, 2015

Treatment of mood problems needs to get rid of the old one size fits all by Patrick Luyten, 2017

A radical shift in the treatment of child and adolescent depression: Perhaps the time is ripe? by Patrick Luyten, 2017

Disruptive behaviour

'Bringing medicine to crime: disruptive behavior, its developments, psychopathology and treatment.' Interview with Hans Steiner, 2019


From the preschool child to the adult: Neural basis of developmental dyslexia by Silvia Brem, 2017

Eating disorders

Findings in diagnostics and treatment of childhood and adolescent eating disorders,Symposium at the Dublin congress, 2013

Eating problems in childhood and the overlap with the autism spectrum disorders by Maria Rastam, 2013

Eating disorders and social communication by Elisabet Wentz, 2013

GWAS and eating disorders: "Genetic screening is all about numbers" by Anke Hinney, 2019

New developments in the diagnostics and treatment of adolescent eating disorders by Beate Herpertz-Dahlmann, 2015

Anorexia nervosa

Anorexia nervosa: more agreeable treatment, more effective and less expensive by Beate Herpertz-Dahlmann, 2015

Towards a stepped care model for child and adolescent AN: the role of early intervention by Dasha Nicholls, 2013

Day patient treatment of anorexia nervosa may be as effective as hospitalization by RWTH Aachen University research team, 2014

Entering the post-GWAS era in anorexia nervosa by Johannes Hebebrand, 2013

Environmental sensitivity 

“Sensitive children thrive in supportive environments” interview with Michael Pluess, 2019


Potential mechanisms underlying the association between obesity and mental disorders and therapeutic implications by Johannes Hebebrand, 2015

Behavioural weight-loss treatment in children and adolescents: potentials and limitations by Yvonne Mülig, 2015

Bariatric surgery in severe adolescent obesity: a retrospective study of 35 clinical observations by Elise Riquin, 2015

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)

OCD: “Under-detected, under-diagnosed, under-treated” by David Mataix-Cols, 2015

Obsessive compulsive and related disorders in children and adolescents: innovation and consolidation by David Mataix-Cols, 2015

Paediatric aggression

Paediatric aggression in 6-12 year olds: identifying the guidelines, practices and opinions by the ACTION programme

Personality disorders

Undermining of old ideas on personality disorder by Peter Fonagy, 2015

ESCAP Expert Article: Borderline personality disorder in adolescence: An expert research review with implications for clinical practice, ECAP article, 2015

Psychotherapy for emerging borderline personality disorder by Peter Fonagy, 2015

Developing a personality disorder: "The need for developmentally adapted criteria and treatment for adolescents" by Michael Kaess, 2019

Psychosis and schizophrenia

Focusing on the dynamic picture: Celso Arango’s ambition to prevent psychosis and schizophrenia by Celso Arango, 2017

Early course and intervention in youth at-risk for psychosis: results from longitudinal studies by Raquel E. Gur, 2017

First-episode psychosis in children and adolescents: research advances and opportunities for intervention by Carmen Moreno, 2017

Identification of clinical high risk of psychoses: special requirements in children and adolescents by Frauke Schultze-Lutter, 2017

Developmental trajectories in early-onset psychoses: a window for prevention? by Celso Arango, 2015

Psychosis, diagnostics and stigma by Patrick McGorry, 2017

Selective mutism

Early detection and treatment of selective mutism: “Drop your assumptions and talk to the parents” by Beate Ørbeck

Sleep disorders

Swedish ESCAP member develops mood and sleep diary App by the SFBUP

Substance abuse disorders

Intervention and prevention of cannabis use in adolescents by Fabrizio Faggiano, 2015

Psychiatric and cognitive effects of synthetic cannabinoids in adolescence by Özhan Yalçin, 2019

Suicidal behaviour

Challenging the male stereotype in suicidal boys: “Make them ask for help” by Alan Apter

Suicide behaviour in young people by Alan Apter, 2013

Suicidal behaviour among Arab adolescents at risk in Israel and it’s perception as a mean of expressing distress and as a help seeking technique by Nomi Scheffler, Dana Feldman and Alan Apter, 2013

The interpersonal theory of suicide and adolescent suicidal behavior by Shira Barzilay, Dana Feldman, Avigal Snir and Alan Apter, 2013

A cost effectiveness analysis of four arms of a school-based mental health intervention in Europe by Lee-Ann Burke et al., 2013


Care of traumatized children in youth welfare systems by Jörg M. Fegert, 2017

Traumatized women and children: repairing shattered lives by Jan Ilhan Kizilhan

The impact of disaster on the mental health of children and adolescents by ENIPIA

Tourette syndrome

“Tic research doesn't stand a chance without international cooperation” interview with Pieter Hoekstra, 2017

Tourette syndrome: an update on newest findings on treatment and pathophysiology by Pieter Hoekstra, 2017

Tourette syndrome: The relentless drumbeat by James Leckman, 2009

22q11 Deletion Syndrome 

Neuroimaging markers of psychosis in 22q11DS Symposium at the Geneva congress, 2017

22q11.2 deletion syndrome: overview of the behavioral phenotype and available clinical interventions symposium at the Geneva congress, 2017

Social impairments across the psychosis continuum symposium at the Geneva congress, 2017

Education and employment trajectories from childhood to adulthood in individuals with 22q11.2 deletion syndrome by Maude Schneider, 2019