Download 'Uppskattadindag': appreciate your day

Swedish ESCAP member develops mood and sleep diary App

Technology offers new solutions for health care. Today, it is common for most adolescents to use a mobile smartphone or iPad. The Swedish Association for Child and Adolescent psychiatry (SFBUP) has financed and developed a mood and sleep diary App, as an application for mobile phones and Windows 10 to make it easier for patients to record and keep track of their mental state and daily functioning over time.

Sleep App from SwedenThe mood and sleep diary is thought to be a way to evaluate mental health and treatment effect over time between the patient and the therapist. The app can be used for sleeping disorders, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, bipolar disorder but it can also be used for tracking daily functioning like physical activity, school attendance and substance use.

Free download
The app can be downloaded to a mobile phone from Google Play, Apple app-store or Windows store. The app can be found as “Uppskattadindag”. Translated to English this means appreciate your day. Downloading is free and the App does not contain commercial messaging. Data can be shared with the therapist or doctor when the patient wishes to do so, for example to document a follow-up visit to the clinic. To share the data, the patient can give a code to the therapist or doctor via the website. Data can be viewed as graphs and can be stored or printed. The code is valid for 24 hours, and in this way all transferred information is anonymised.

Available in English
The app has now been used for one year in Sweden. It has received positive comments from its users. From today, it will be possible for anyone in Europe to download and use the App for free in order to try it out. The app contains a manual for usage. The app is available in Swedish and English.

Sleep App

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