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Invitation letter from the Editor of ESCAP Communications in ECAP

Dear colleagues

We would like to call you, members of your association or other relevant authors connected and devoted to the field of child and adolescents psychiatry and allied professions to submit a paper to the ECAP ESCAP Communication section.

In the last 8 years, this ESCAP Communication section has seen an array of published papers about national societies, European projects, expert articles, Research Academy reports and national research papers, all of which are extremely interesting and informative to our ESCAP community.  You can find many of the previous ESCAP Communications articles below.

The aim of this section is to reach a large audience to inform about current issues in European child and adolescent psychiatry. If you and your colleagues have a specific topic that you believe would fit this type of article then we kindly request that you send your proposals to section editor Professor Konstantinos Kotsis.

The article should be in the region of 2000-4000 words. The article is subject to editorial review and may be peer-reviewed. There is no cost for anyone as the publication will be available online for free.

Please share this information with your colleagues so we can continue to improve and raise awareness of difficulties and issues in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Professor Konstantinos Kotsis

Previous ESCAP Communication in ECAP, the official ESCAP Journal

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Updates from the third residential course on child and adolescent psychiatry endorsed by ESCAP
Assia Riccioni, Martina Siracusano, Chiara Davico, Paul Klauser, Carmen Morcillo, Dennis Ougrin, Benedetto Vitiello, Kerstin J. Plessen, Marco Armando, Luigi Mazzone & Samuele Cortese 

Climate crisis and youth mental health in Greece: an interdisciplinary approach
Konstantina Magklara, Efstathia Kapsimalli, Georgia Liarakou, Chloe Vlassopoulos & Eleni Lazaratou 

ESCAP statement on the care for children and adolescents with gender dysphoria: an urgent need for safeguarding clinical, scientific, and ethical standards
Maja Drobnič Radobuljac, Urh Grošelj, Riittakerttu Kaltiala, the ESCAP Policy Division, the ESCAP Board, 
Robert Vermeiren, Sofie Crommen, Konstantinos Kotsis, Andrea Danese, Pieter J. Hoekstra & Jörg M. Fegert 
Sustainable action is needed more than ever: the European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry welcomes the efforts of the European Commission and the decisions of the European Parliament on mental health care for children, adolescents and young people and calls on the Member States to act quickly
Maja Drobnič Radobuljac & Jörg M. Fegert on behalf of the ESCAP Policy Division & the ESCAP Board

ESCAP endorses the inclusion of methylphenidate in the WHO model lists of essential medicines and in the Union list of critical medicines
Samuele Cortese, David Coghill, Joerg M. Fegert, Gregory W. Mattingly, Luis A. Rohde, Ian C.K. Wong & 
Stephen V. Faraone 

The impact of abduction and hostage-taking on the mental health of children and adolescents: a scoping review by Emily Gossmann, Katrin Erlewein, Therese Hiller, Patricia Mayer, Cedric Sachser, Vera Clemens & Jörg M. Fegert 

Times marked by consecutive crises - Presidential Column by Jörg M. Fegert



The 2023 ESCAP Research Academy Workshop: ADHD and emotional dysregulation by Paul Klauser, Samuele Cortese, Julie Hagstrøm, Argyris Stringaris, Johannes Hebebrand, Pieter J. Hoekstra, Karen Schlaegel, Alexis Revet

Mental health services for children and adolescents in Cyprus by Anna Paradeisioti

Learning with fun: the 2nd residential course on child and adolescent psychiatry in Catania, Sicily, endorsed by the ESCAP Research Academy by Assia Riccioni, Martina Siracusano, Chiara Davico, Paul Klauser, Carmen Morcillo, Dennis Ougrin, 
Benedetto Vitiello, Kerstin J. Plessen, Marco Armando, Samuele Cortese & Luigi Mazzone 


The 2022 ESCAP Research Academy Workshop: New Perspectives on Eating Disorders by Alexis Revet, Johannes Hebebrand, Paul Klauser


ECAP 2021-08: 2020 Double crisis in Croatia: earthquakes in the time of COVID-19  by Vlatka Boričević Maršanić, Nina Dobrović, Gordana Buljan Flander.

ECAP 2021-01: E-mentoring program organized by the Turkish Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry during the COVID-19 pandemic by Eyüp Sabri Ercan, Ali Evren Tufan, Özlem Meryem Kütük & İpek Perçinel Yazıcı 


ECAP 2020-4: The 2019 ESCAP research academy workshop: how novel technologies are impacting child and adolescent psychiatry Paul Klauser, Johannes Hebebrand, Laura A. Kehoe, Mercedes Huscsava, Alexis Revet


ECAP 2019-7: Current state and recent developments of child and adolescent psychiatry in Greece. Konstantinos Kotsis,Ioanna Giannopoulou, Dimitris Anagnostopoulo, Eugenia Soumaki
ECAP 2019-1: Child and adolescent psychiatry in Slovenia in comparison with other European countries Hojka Gregoric Kumperscak


ECAP 2018-11: Prevalence of war-related adverse events, depression and anxiety among Syrian refugee children settled in Turkey Hasan Kandemir, Hülya Karatas, Veysi Çeri et al. 

ECAP 2018-2: ESCAP for mental health of child and  adolescent refugees Milica Pejovic-Milovancevic, Henrikje Klasen, Dimitris Anagnostopoulos


ECAP 2017-2: Bridging culture and psychopathology in mental health care Winny Ang

ECAP 2017-3: Mental health issues of refugee children: lessons from Croatia, and Erratum Vlatka Boricevic Maršanic, Tomislav Franic

ECAP 2017-6: Becoming a child and adolescent psychiatrist in Spain: trainees’ perspectives Marina Fàbrega Ribera, Daniel Ilzarbe

ECAP 2017-10: The 2017 ESCAP Research Academy Workshop: bright perspectives for child and adolescent psychiatry Alexis Revet, Johannes Hebebrand, Paul Klauser


ECAP 2016-1: Migration mental health issues in Europe: the case of Greece Dimitris C. Anagnostopoulos
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ECAP 2016-4: Pharmacotherapy of ADHD in Slovenia: realities and perspectives Matej Stuhec

ECAP 2016-5: The state of child and adolescent psychiatry in Slovenia Maja Drobnic Radobuljac

ECAP 2016-6: Lessons learned from the past on mental health care of refugee children in Serbia Milica Pejovic Milovancevic, Veronika Ispanovic


ECAP 2015-1: Past, present, and future steps in child abuse and neglect issues: the Serbian journey Milica Pejovic-Milovancevici, Marija Mitkovic-Voncina, Dusica Lecic-Tosevski

ECAP 2015-2: International young investigators paper and grant writing workshop Susanne Mudra, Ursula Völker, Lizanne Schweren, Ida Wessing, Jochen Seitz
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ECAP 2015-3: Child and adolescent psychiatry in Austria Andreas Karwautz, Anna-Katharina Purtscher-Penz, Paulus Hochgatterer, Christian Kienbacher

ECAP 2015-10: ESCAP Expert Paper
New developments in the diagnosis and treatment of adolescent anorexia nervosa — a European perspective Beate Herpertz-Dahlmann, Annemarie van Elburg, Josefina Castro-Fornieles, Ulrike Schmidt

ECAP 2015-11: ESCAP Expert Article
Borderline personality disorder in adolescence: An expert research review with implications for clinical practice Peter Fonagy, Mario Speranza, Patrick Luyten


ECAP 2014-2: Integrating alignment and internet technology Ariëlle M. de Ruijter 

ECAP 2014-7: Germany  Jörg M. Fegert, Renate Schepker, Tobias Banaschewski and Hans-Henning Flechtner

ECAP 2014-8: Neurobiology and treatment of adolescent female conduct disorder Christine Freitag

ECAP 2014-9: Sweden Gunnel Svedmyr

ECAP 2014-12: Building a community (presidential column) Ruud Minderaa


ECAP 2013-2: Greece Dimitris Anagnostopoulos and  Eugenia Soumaki

ECAP 2013-3: We-Stay Christoph Lenzen and Dr Romuald Brunner

ECAP 2013-3: Presidential column Ruud Minderaa

ECAP 2013-4: Belgium (Flemish) Sofie Crommen

ECAP 2013-6: Ireland Brendan Doody

ECAP 2013-7: European Multicenter Tics in Children Studies (EMTICS) Veit Roessner and Pieter Hoekstra

ECAP 2013-8: Switzerland Hélène Beutler and Alain di Gallo

ECAP 2013-9: Spain Aranzazu Fernández-Rivas and Dr Miguel Angel Gonzáles-Torres

ECAP 2013-11: Presidential column Ruud Minderaa


ECAP 2012-9: Presidential column Ruud Minderaa

ECAP 2012-12: Turkey Füsun Çuhadaroglu Çetin