Topics at the 2017 ESCAP Congress on autism spectrum disorder

#ESCAP2017 – The autism agenda

A broad scope of topics at the ESCAP 2017 Congress in Geneva has covered autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Apart from the keynote lecture by Tony Charman, and state of the art speeches by Joaquín Fuentes, Antonio Persico and Marie Schaer, several symposia, oral presentations and poster presentations offered a treasure of new knowledge on the subject.

#ESCAP2017 Autism SpeakersKeynote
State of the art
Marie Schaer (Switzerland) – Translate latest findings in autism research to clinical practice. (1-02)
Joaquín Fuentes (Spain) – Autism spectrum disorder: supporting people to transit through science, lives and services. (3-03)
No show: Antonio Persico (Italy) canceled his lecture about New medication based on genetic research in the field of autism. (4-02)

Symposia and oral sessions
Synapsy Autism symposium: Understanding mechanisms of change in children with ASD who receive intervention. (S05-04)
Synapsy Autism symposium: Early intervention in preschoolers with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): the Swiss experience in 5 university centers. (S06-04)
ASD in adolescence and adulthood: research needs to inform our practice. (S01-05)
Emotional responsivity and emotion regulation in infants, children and young adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). (S02-03)
Recent advances in autism research. (S02-05)
Oral session on ASD with contributions from Australia, Switzerland, New Zealand, France, Belgium. and Russia. (S03-17)
Oral session on ASD with contributions from Sweden, Belgium, United Kingdom, Turkey, and Germany. (S06-15)
Use of a smartphone application to study autism spectrum disorders. (S06-03: New technologies/3293)
Novel treatments of catatonia including in patients with autism spectrum disorders. (S06-13: Update on paediatric catatonia/3393).