Geneva 2017 - Transition – Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in a World of Change

17th International Congress of ESCAP 2017 Geneva: the transition congress

Evolving environment or break of balance?

Children and adolescents are living in a world affected by continuous transitions. A phenomenon with a double meaning: it implies a life of change in a constantly evolving environment, as well as a possible a break of balance: a loss of equilibrium. Transition, the leading theme of the ESCAP 2017 Congress, contains many aspects that are relevant to youth mental health.

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Documenting Geneva

The Geneva programme in 2017 was packed with content, here you will find everything you need to recap on the congress activities.

Keynote and symposiums

Abstract book

Programme brochure

Poster presentations

Congress after survey

Roughcuts: ESCAP 2017 Congress reports

"Videos on the fly" by Stephan Eliez

Not having a budget for video reports at the 2017 ESCAP Congress was no obstacle to ESCAP president Stephan Eliez. He picked up his videocam at the Geneva faculty – meant for training purposes – and recorded a series of conversations with congress lecturers by himself. "This was done on the fly at a great congress", he says.

Tony Charman

Dieter Wolke

Celso Arango

Johannes Hebebrand

Maria Melchior

Martin Debbané

Patrick Luyten

Patrick McGorry

Marie Schaer
Interview with Dr Hélène Beutler, co-president of the Swiss society

A year on: reminiscing about the Geneva ESCAP 2017 Congress

A year has passed since the Geneva ESCAP congress, and it’s less than a year until we meet again in Vienna for the 2019 ESCAP congress. Here, Dr Hélène Beutler, co-president of the Swiss Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychotherapy, answers quick-fire questions to summarise the success and outcomes of the Geneva congress and offers some friendly advice for future congress organisation.

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Hélène Beutler - co-president of the SGKJPP/SSPPEA

Hélène Beutler - co-president of the SGKJPP/SSPPEA