Ian Goodyer

ESCAP 2015 Madrid Keynote speaker Ian Goodyer

Depression in children and adolescents: a developmental perspective

Original KEYNOTE presentation and abstract by professor Ian Goodyer (Cambridge University) on depression in children and adolescents: a developmental perspective, held at the ESCAP 2015 Congress in Madrid, Tuesday June 23rd 2015 (T4).


Depressive disorders are a collection of mental illnesses that emerge with their highest incident risk rate in the second decade of life. These conditions are aetiologically and clinically heterogeneous. Longitudinal studies of depressed adolescents from cohort and clinical populations demonstrate marked individual differences in outcome into the third decade of life. Randomized clinical trials show that children, adolescent and adults may not be equally sensitive to psychological or pharmacological treatments at least in the weeks following end of treatment.

These observations indicate that age may be an important marker of incident risk and treatment effects. There are also likely to be effects of depressions on the developing adolescent brain. This lecture will discuss the value of taking an age and illness approach to: i) determine the emergence of depressive symptoms in adolescents ii) reveal the impact of depressive illness and age on the teenage brain iii) identify biomarkers for depression in young people thereby guiding prevention and treatment policy for adolescent mental health. 

View the original presentation by Ian Goodyer (pdf, 41 slides).