Mental health in All Policies approach

Mental health in All Policies approach - ESCAP endorses statement

The EU HPP (Health Policy Platform) Mental Health in all Policies (MHiaP) Thematic Network have released a statement on "A Mental health in All Policies approach as key component of any comprehensive initiative on mental health". The statement is calling for a Mental Health in All Policies (MHiaP) approach, i.e., for public policies across sectors to promote population mental health and wellbeing by initiating and facilitating action within different non-health public policy areas. The vision is that of a Europe where everyone’s mental health can flourish across the entire life course and everyone can have timely, appropriate and affordable access to support, when needed. ESCAP officially and fully endorses this statement.

Read the full statement here.

In addition to prevention and promotion of mental health, nurturing care is another important aspect with regard to mental health. The approach we are endorsing of course applies not only to the countries of the European Union but worldwide.

The MHiAP approach emphasises the impacts of public policies on mental health determinants, strives to reduce mental health inequities, aims to highlight the opportunities offered by mental health to different policy areas, and reinforces the accountability of policymakers for mental health impacts.

For further information, visit the Mental Health Europe website.