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December issue

Volume 26, Issue 12, December 2017

ECAP Editorial
Paul Ramchandani Pages 1407-1408

Stressful life events during adolescence and risk for externalizing and internalizing psychopathology: a meta-analysis
Jaume March-Llanes, Laia Marqués-Feixa Pages 1409-1422

Original Contribution
Autonomic arousal in anxious and typically developing youth during a stressor involving error feedback
Michelle Rozenman, Alexandra Sturm Pages 1423-1432

Original Contribution
Changes in serum levels of kynurenine metabolites in paediatric patients affected by ADHD
Melania Evangelisti, Pietro De Rossi Pages 1433-1441

Original Contribution
Comorbidity prevalence and treatment outcome in children and adolescents with ADHD
Laura Reale, Beatrice Bartoli, Massimo Cartabia Pages 1443-1457

Original Contribution
NEET adolescents grown up: eight-year longitudinal follow-up of education, employment and mental health from adolescence to early adulthood in Mexico City
Raúl A. Gutiérrez-GarcíaCorina Benjet Pages 1459-1469

Original Contribution
Time-on-task effects in children with and without ADHD: depletion of executive resources or depletion of motivation?
Tycho J. DekkersJoost A. Agelink van Rentergem Pages 1471-1481

Original Contribution
Mental health problems in Austrian adolescents: a nationwide, two-stage epidemiological study applying DSM-5 criteria
Gudrun Wagner, Michael Zeiler, Karin Waldherr Pages 1483-1499

Original Contribution
Impaired cardiac profile in adolescents with an increasing trajectory of anxiety when confronting an acute stressor
Alejandro de la Torre-Luque, Aina Fiol-Veny Pages 1501-1510

Original Contribution
Altered EEG spectral power during rest and cognitive performance: a comparison of preterm-born adolescents to adolescents with ADHD
Anna-Sophie Rommel, Sarah-Naomi James Pages 1511-1522

Original Contribution
Mental health assessed by the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire for children born extremely preterm without severe disabilities at 11 years of age: a Norwegian, national population-based study
Silje Katrine Elgen Fevang, Mari Hysing Pages 1523-1531

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