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August issue

Volume 26, Issue 8, August 2017

Need for a more developmental perspective: QTc prolongation under psychotropic medication
Veit Roessner, Nicole Wolff, Stefan Ehrlich Pages 871-873

Comparative efficacy and safety of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder pharmacotherapies, including guanfacine extended release: a mixed treatment comparison
Alain Joseph, Rajeev Ayyagari, Meng Xie, Sean Cai Pages 875-897

Original Contribution
Cyberbullying: a storm in a teacup?
Dieter Wolke, Kirsty Lee, Alexa Guy Pages 899-908

Original Contribution
Emotion regulation across childhood and adolescence: evidence for a maladaptive shift in adolescence
Emiel Cracco, Lien Goossens, Caroline Braet Pages 909-921

Original Contribution
What motivates individuals with ADHD? A qualitative analysis from the adolescent’s point of view
Sarah Morsink, Edmund Sonuga-Barke, Gabry Mies Pages 923-932

Original Contribution
Gray matter abnormalities in pediatric autism spectrum disorder: a meta-analysis with signed differential mapping
Jieke Liu, Li Yao, Wenjing Zhang, Yuan Xiao Pages 933-945

Original Contribution
The role of infants’ mother-directed gaze, maternal sensitivity, and emotion recognition in childhood callous unemotional behaviours
R. Bedford, N. J. Wagner, P. D. Rehder Pages 947-956

Original Contribution
Further evidence for the role of pregnancy-induced hypertension and other early life influences in the development of ADHD: results from the IDEFICS study
Hermann Pohlabeln, Stefan Rach, Stefaan De Henauw Pages 957-967

Original Contribution
Are lifetime affective disorders predictive of long-term outcome in severe adolescent anorexia nervosa?
B. Carrot, L. Radon, T. Hubert, S. Vibert Pages 969-978

Original Contribution
‘Emotiplay’: a serious game for learning about emotions in children with autism: results of a cross-cultural evaluation
S. Fridenson-Hayo, S. Berggren, A. Lassalle Pages 979-992

Original Contribution
Associations of stressful life events with coping strategies of 12–15-year-old Norwegian adolescents
Anne Mari Undheim, Anne Mari Sund Pages 993-1003

Erratum to: Individual and peer factors associated with ketamine use among adolescents in Taiwan
Kun-Hua Lee, Yi-Chun Yeh, Pin-Chen Yang Page 1005

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