Enikő Kiss, MD, PhD

Child and adolescent psychiatrist
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Unit,
Pediatric Clinic, University of Szeged, Hungary.
"Becoming an ESCAP board member is very important to me. On the one hand, I’m thankful to represent my country and association, and on the other to have the opportunity to cooperate in an international society within Europe. I think it is crucial to help Eastern European countries be involved more in the professional context within Europe, and I will aim to help represent this aspect in the ESCAP board.
My areas of expertise currently lie in a long-term research project with childhood-onset depression, and its long-term effects. We have generated a huge database with the research team, as we’ve been following children with and without depression who are now young adults. I hope to continue this research to follow up on prognosis, comorbidity, and long-term functionality into adulthood. Since I am more actively involved in research, I am joining the academic division of the ESCAP Board at present. I would like to inspire and help child psychiatrists in Eastern Europe to participate in European research projects actively and successfully".