Stephan Eliez

Copyright photo Prof Eliez: Kathelijne Reijse Saillet


Stephan Eliez, MD, PhD

Professor Stephan Eliez, Professor at Geneva University School of Medecine and Director Fondation Pôle Autisme.


Professor Stephan Eliez did his medical studies and began his clinical training in child psychiatry in Geneva. To complete his training in the field of neuroscience, he went to Stanford University in California, where he specialized in the use of new brain imaging techniques. He uses these methods to better understand the link between structure and cerebral functioning, difficulties in learning and psychological disorders in children, particularly children with 22q11 deletion syndrome, autism and other developmental disorders

Back in Switzerland, he was head of the public service of child and adolescent psychiatry and special education (Office médico-pédagogique) during 15 years. He is now running the Fondation Pôle Autisme he founded in 2013 with donors and families of children with autism spectrum disorder.

Professor Stephan Eliez was member of the ESCAP Board (since June 2011), treasurer (since March 2012), president (from June 2015 to June 2019), and past president (from July 2019 to June 2021). He is now co-opted to the Board, supporting the organization of the ESCAP congresses, and member of the research division.