Keynote speakers

Anita Thapar

Genetics and phenotypical associations

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Anne Amalie Elgaard Thorup

The Danish High Risk and Resilience Studies: VIA 7 - VIA 15

Christoph Correll

Pharmacologic Treatment and Research in Youth with Severe Mental Illness in Europe: Current Status and Next Steps

Henning Tiemeier

Birth cohorts and child psychiatric epidemiology: some milestones and many challenges

Ruth Feldman

Attachment and resilience

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Tamsin Ford

Mental health interventions in schools and preventative measures in general

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State of the Art Speakers

Andrea Danese

Research on trauma and trauma-related psychopathology including some considerations of the complex PTSD diagnosis

Carmen Schröder

Sleep disorders and their treatment in children with neurodevelopment disorders

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Eva Serlachius

Internet-delivered cognitive behavioral therapy for pediatric anxiety: Current status and future directions

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Johannes Hebebrand

Weight gain crucial for mental and somatic improvement in anorexia nervosa: alleviation of hypoleptinemia as a central underlying mechanism.

Judith Rosmalen

Early experiences related to the body and illness coping with symptoms

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Sven Bølte

Autism and the learning environment

Argyris Stringaris

Affective Phenomena: Moods, Emotions, Feelings: How are they generated and maintained?

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