ESCAP General Assembly 2021: call for proposals

ESCAP General Assembly to take place virtually on 25th June 2021

We're going to take the opportunity to host our general assembly after the virtual ESCAP Expert Day on Friday 25th June 2021 at 16h30-19h30 (CET). As with all our previous general assembly, we invite all national societies to take part and nominate people or places on ESCAP issues. We encourage national societies to complete the Google Form to announce your participation and nominate on two main issues:

  • Nominations for president-elect
  • Nominations to host the ESCAP Congress in 2027

View the official invitation

View the agenda (subject to change)

Nominations for ESCAP president-elect

According to our Bylaws "The President and the President-Elect shall be elected by the General Assembly from amongst the candidates proposed by the Board of Directors nominated by the national societies for child and adolescent psychiatry (Working Members), for a term of four years. The President shall be eligible for re-election once on resolution of the Board of Directors adopted with a three-quarter majority".

The next president-elect will take the position immediately and will become the president of ESCAP in June 2023.

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Nominations for hosting the ESCAP Congress 2027

Every two years the members have the opportunity to vote for the society that will host a future ESCAP Congress. The next congresses will be held in Maastricht in 2022 (note the postponement of the date due to COVID-19), Copenhagen in 2023, and Strasbourg in 2025. We will vote on the hosting country for the congress to be held in 2027. Preparation of congresses can start up to 3 years before the actual date, thus forward planning, especially due the unprecedented times, is essential. The country, the city and the venue should be attractive for a wide audience and suitable for the purpose of a large conference.

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Example schedule for preparing an ESCAP congress

Example budget of an ESCAP congress

Tell us your participating and your nominations

We kindly ask all national members to announce that they will participate in the general assembly (we need to send Zoom invitations to all) and to nominate either the next president-elect or who will host the 2027 ESCAP congress.

Google Form

For any questions regarding the general assembly please send an email to our editor or president