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Dr Asilay Seker, EFPT-CAP representative and president-elect and organiser of the training day



Training Day Sessions

9h00 - 10h30: Interactive workshop

Speaker: Petrus J de Vries and Eugene Lee Davids

Petrus de Vries (MBChB, FRCPsych, PhD) is the Professor of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and Founding Director of the Centre for Autism Research in Africa at the University of Cape Town. He trained in Medicine at Stellenbosch University in South Africa before moving to the UK where he completed his clinical training in Psychiatry and Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, and a PhD in Developmental Neuroscience at the University of Cambridge. He returned to South Africa in 2012. Prof de Vries is currently President of the South African Association of Child & Adolescent Psychiatrists and Allied Professions (SA-ACAPAP), Secretary of the International Society for Autism Research (INSAR), and Treasurer of the International Association of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP), where he also coordinates the Helmut Remschmidt Research Seminars, an international research capacity-building programme.

Eugene Lee Davids (PhD, MPH) is the Research Manager at the Independent Institute of Education (IIE) Varsity College in South Africa, and Honorary Lecturer in the Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the University of Cape Town. He completed a Bachelor of Psychology, as well as masters and doctoral degree specialising in Child and Family Studies at the University of the Western Cape. Dr Davids later completed a Master of Public Health (MPH) at the University of Cape Town. His research focuses on the social determinants of adolescent health, decision-making and parenting. In addition to his scholarly contributions, Dr Davids has a keen interest in and passion for the development and capacity-building of emerging researchers. He serves as the National Secretary for the South African Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (SA-ACAPAP). His academic awards include Mandela-Rhodes and Erasmus-Mundus scholarships, a Donald J Cohen Fellowship (IACAPAP), and being nominated as one of the Mail and Guardian Top 200 Young South Africans.

Workshop title: Integrating research into clinical CAMHS training


It is quite common for ‘clinical practice’ and ‘research’ to be thought of as two very different elements of child and adolescent mental health (CAMH) services and training. Many of us have heard people say ‘I’m a clinician, not a researcher’ or vice versa. In contrast to this false dichotomy, integration of clinical practice and research in CAMH can bring exciting synergies, helping to improve the quality of services, enhancing motivation of staff, generating of new knowledge, and potentially leading to a range of innovations in real-life practice. 

In this interactive workshop, participants will share local, national and international examples of models, systems and programmes that could be applied to many academic and clinical settings. The workshop will be led by Professor Petrus de Vries, a leading child and adolescent psychiatrist with a particular interest in neurodevelopmental disorders and child & adolescent mental health in low-resource settings, and Dr Eugene Lee Davids, a research psychologist with particular interest in developing and co-ordinating clinical research development initiatives.

11h00 - 12h30: Interactive webinar

Speaker: Elena Garralda Hualde

Elena Garralda (MD, MPhil, FRCPsych, FRCPCH) is Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Imperial College London, United Kingdom, and Honorary Consultant in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry with CNWL Foundation NHS Trust, London, UK.

She trained in Psychiatry and Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry in London, UK, and subsequently held academic and clinical appointments at the University of Manchester, Imperial College London and St Mary’s Hospital/NWL Foundation Trust, London UK. 

Her research activity has involved the study of psychotic symptoms in children; of psychosomatic symptoms and syndromes in children and young people;  of psychiatric adjustment in children with chronic physical illness and their families, and in child survivors of acute critical illness. 

Her work has documented the contribution of child and adolescent mental health problems to general practice and paediatric consultations; and it has involved the development of interventions in medical settings for these problems. A health services approach was used for the validation and implementation of generic outcome measures of child and adolescent mental health services use (HoNOSCA). 

With a long-standing interest and experience in the training of psychiatrists and child and adolescent psychiatrists,  she has been a member and held office in national and international bodies including UEMS, ESCAP and IACAPAP.

Workshop title: Medically unexplained symtoms in CAMHS

Summary of session:

I suggest i) a 20 minute presentation by myself, with 10 minute discussion; 2) 2 case presentations (20 minutes each with 10 minutes discussion) of relevant cases by trainees, clearly highlighting key points for discussion. If possible one of these cases would represent a case of severe/ pervasive withdrawal arising out of functional somatic symptoms. It would be helpful for the two case presenters to discuss their presentations with Prof Garralda before the meeting. 

Reading suggestions

Fiertag, O., Taylor, S., Tareen, A., and Garralda, E. (2019) - Somatic Symptom, Bodily Distress and Related Disorders. Chapter I.1, Section I - Psychiatry and Pediatrics. In JM Rey’s IACAPAP e-Textbook of Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Rey JM & Martin A (eds). Geneva: International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions, 2019. 

Rask, CU, Bonvanie IJ, Garralda ME (2018) - Risk and protective factors and course of functional somatic symptoms in young people. In Understanding diversity, Individual differences and Interventions for Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Hodes M, Gau S, de Vries P (Eds).   IACAPAP Monograph, Prague 2018. Academic Press/ Elsevier, London. pp 77-113. 


14h00 - 15h30: Interactive webinar

Speaker: Alka Ahuja

Professor Alka Ahuja (MBE, MD MSc MBBS MRCPsych DPM DNB M) is a Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. Alka is the National Clinical lead for the Welsh Government Technology Enabled Care Programme. She is the Finance Officer, Child and Adolescent Faculty of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and the Public Education lead, Royal College of Psychiatrists in Wales. Also an Honorary Professor at Cardiff University and Visiting Professor at the Welsh Institute for Health and Social Care, University of South Wales.

She has expertise in qualitative research methodology and her areas of special interest include neurodevelopmental disorders including autism and ADHD, user and carer involvement in healthcare services and employment of digital technology in healthcare.

Workshop title: Organizing digital consultations in CAMHS

Learning objectives:

  • To learn about video consultation in CAMHS work in both times of national crisis and routine care
  • To learn about the sustainability of video consultation
  • To discuss and consider challenges CAMHS practice presents to implementation of video consultation
  • To help all participants to consider building and sustaining video consultation services as an option for both an emergency and routine CAMHS care.