Professor Bruno Falissard, Director at Centre de Recherche en Epidemiologie et Santé des Populations, Paris, France

ESCAP Keynote Speaker 2022 in Maastricht: Bruno Falissard

After his keynote presentation at the congress, Professor Bruno Falissard sat down with ESCAP Past President Professor Stéphan Eliez to discuss the concept of neurodevelopmental disorders and to explore what defines psychiatric disorders.


Did we take the right train in promoting the concept of 'Neurodevelopmental disorders'?

Professor Bruno Falissard kindly took time out of his busy schedule to talk to ESCAP ahead of his keynote presentation in Maastricht. Bruno is keen to discuss with his colleagues the concept of neurodevelopmental disorders and what the misuse of this term could be doing to the patients and the profession of child and adolescent psychiatry.