professor Maria Kovacs

“The ability to recover.” Maria Kovacs

Plenary lecture by Maria Kovacs, ESCAP 2009 Budapest

Affect regulation, mood repair, and juvenile-onset depression

ESCAP 2009 Congress in Budapest, Hungary: original abstract by professor Maria Kovacs, Pittsburgh University, Western Psychiatric Clinic, Pittsburgh, USA – “Affect Regulation, Mood Repair, and Juvenile-Onset Depressions”, Plenary Session VIII., 25 August 2009, 17:00. Chaired by M. Tomori (Slovenia).

One aspect of normative development is the achievement of appropriate selfregulation of affect. The ability to recover from dysphoric, sad affect, or mood repair, which is one component of affect regulation, is clearly impaired in depressed youths. Importantly, impaired mood repair may characterize children at familial risk for depression. This presentation will summarize literature supporting a likely link between mood-repair difficulties and subsequent depression in youngsters as well as the treatment and prevention implications of these findings.