Dublin 2013 - Optimising Outcomes in Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

portrait of professor Claude Bursztejn

Claude Bursztejn: "Show the world what we are doing in ESCAP"

15th International Congress of ESCAP

Documenting Dublin

ESCAP's Dublin Congress can now be re-experienced online. Presentations and abstracts of all keynote speakers, symposia and more are now available on this website. Inspired by board member professor Claude Bursztejn, responsible for ESCAP's care/clinical division, this is a first step towards systematic documentation of the knowledge exchanged during ESCAP conferences. Simply click on the subject to find all content.

Professor Bursztejn: "We should show the world what we are doing in ESCAP and begin – for example – with publishing proper congress summaries. An after-congress overview will learn us a lot, such as the enormous differences in clinical practice that still exist between ESCAP member countries.” Bursztejn proposed to gather existing studies and information and making these available through the ESCAP website. 


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Portrait Dr Ruud Minderaa, President of ESCAP.

"It is not to know more, but how to use what we already know."

Ruud Minderaa interview

"Current issue is the implementation of knowledge"

“I saw so many colleagues with smiles on their faces in Dublin. So it wasn't only me who was over the moon with the way we were able to exchange our knowledge, our insights and our visions on child psychiatry. I am proud that we were able to host the very top of the European researchers at this event”, says Dr Ruud Minderaa, President of ESCAP, shortly after the succesful Congress of ESCAP 2013.


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The Dublin slideshow

A taste of the ambiance at the beautiful Dublin Convention Centre, 6 – 10 July 2013.