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Bulgarian Association of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (BACAPAP) or Българска асоциация по детска и юношеска психиатрия и свързаните професии
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Learn from Bulgarian child and adolescent psychiatry
  1. Post-graduate education in child psychiatry is separated from that in psychiatry since 2007 and child psychiatry became a separate specialization. There are two medical universities – Sofia and Varna – where internships in child psychiatry could be carried out.
  2. There are child psychiatric services in the country such as the Clinic of Child Psychiatry 'Saint Nicolas' in the Medical University’s Hospital 'Alexandrovska' of Sofia, the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Center in Ruse and the Child Psychiatry Department of Varna Medical University’s Hospital 'Saint Marina', where health care is provided according to the modern guiding principles: separation of the child/adolescent from his habitual environment at minimal possible extend; inclusion of parents in the diagnostic and therapeutic process; work in a multidisciplinary team; cooperation with other institutions; cultural sensitivity.
  3. The Bulgarian Association of Child Psychiatry and Allied Professions has 25 members and is continuing to provide a space for exchanging ideas, professional sharing and learning and progressive establishment of the separate identity of the profession.
Help out Bulgarian child and adolescent psychiatry
  1. Child psychiatrists in Bulgaria are still small in number. Especially in comparison to adult psychiatrists.
  2. Child psychiatrists can be found mainly in the capital of the country (Sofia) and some of the regional centers (Varna, Ruse, Pleven, Targovishte, Kyustendil). There are whole regions in the country where there no child psychiatrist at all.
  3. Many young professionals leave the country after finishing their internship in child psychiatry. This is due to economic reasons. The international connections are limited to great extend because of the lack of sufficient financing.
Facts and figures

BACAPAP was founded  18 June 1993 and is led by the President and an Executive Board with 5 members. Some twenty child and adolescent psychiatrists practice in Bulgaria.

The objectives of the Association are: to unite the efforts of the members for the development of child psychiatry, creating possibilities for the progress of their professional competence by assuring access to scientific information, carrying out informational activity in connection to child mental health and to support and participate in the development of different organizations in this sphere, to enhance the international connections and cooperation, supporting the development of science and practice in the child mental health field and to support personal, collective and private initiatives in the development of child psychiatry.

Internship in child psychiatry has duration of four years after obtaining a diploma in medicine. It includes eighteen months of general psychiatry, two months of pediatrics, two months of child neurology, and 24 months of child psychiatry, working in consultation, out and in-patient treatment. Doctor's training already includes a specialized internship in child psychiatry and 24 months of child psychiatry, two months of pediatrics and two months of child neurology.

The Bulgarian Association is a member of ESCAP and IACAPAP. The President is a member of AACAP.

Board members
(term ends March 2021)

Assoc Prof. Petar Petrov MD, PhD, DSc. - President
Professor Vaska Stancheva-Popkostadinova MD, MPsy, PhD - Board member

Dora Simeonova MD - Board member
Rumyana Trendafilova MD - Board member
Mihaela Hristova MD - Board member


Child and Adolescent Mental Health Center, President of BACAPAP.
Address: Clinic of child psychiatry "St. Nikolas", Outpatient department for children and adolecents. University Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment Aleksandrovska. 1 Sveti Georgi Sofiiski blv, Sofia, 1431. Bulgaria
Phone: +359 886 818 225
Last updated: June 2022