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DUTCH ASSOCIATION FOR PSYCHIATRY, FACULTY OF CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY (NVvP) or Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychiatrie, afdeling Kinder- en Jeugdpsychiatrie
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Learn from Dutch child and adolescent psychiatry

  1. Scientific. The Netherlands is leading worldwide at original and highest-impact scientific research in child and adolescent psychiatry.
  2. Translation of science into practice: a successful national knowledge centre for child and adolescent psychiatry publishes best practices that are widely used by clinicians, and is developing nationwide routine outcome monitoring (ROM). A major part of the website contains protocols for diagnostics and treatment.
  3.  Implementation of evidence based interventions. A network of well-organized institutions for child and adolescent mental health. Availability of all kinds of interventions.
  4. Innovation: a strong effort is seen in developing and implementing e-health for child and adolescent psychiatry.
  5. Decentralization: since January 2015, local communities are responsible for child mental health. This process goes hand in hand with the development of a community teams, primary care teams that offer complete child and youth care, including low intensive child mental health care.
  6. Organization: the decentralization of child mental health towards the communities is being characterized by increasing administration, violation of privacy and pressure on specialized care. On the other hand, we clearly see that organizing care on the community level increases the possibility to offer integrated care for families.
  7. Training and education: well-organized and excellent training in child and adolescent psychiatry, including logbook, guaranteed supervision, national educational programmes and regular competence based evaluation of skills. Good integration with adult psychiatry during training.

Help out Dutch child and adolescent psychiatry

  1. Research opportunities.
  2. International collaboration in guideline development.



The iceberg: so called 'silent problems' are increasing.

The Netherlands count 4.5 million children and adolescents (0-23 years old). Five percent of them suffer from severe mental problems; 3.5 percent of Dutch youths receive some kind of mental health treatment. Dutch mental health care has 158,500 youths under treatment, counting 8,884 general practitioners (one doctor to eighteen patients) and 3,400 psychiatrists, including 450 child and adolescent psychiatrists. The majority of the patients under treatment are boys (66%). The majority of young patients (68%) complete their treatment within a year.
At present it is difficult to estimate the amount of money spent on child mental health, as 390 local municipalities are individually responsible for youth care. Each community administers a budget for youth care, and each can decide individually what part is spent on child psychiatry.
So-called 'silent problems' are increasing among children and adolescents (the iceberg: externalizing problems +2.5%, internalizing problems +10.5%).
The Netherlands’ Psychiatric Association's objectives are to realize a high standard of care in psychiatry in general by providing training, giving attention to scientific research, decreasing stigma and increasing advocacy. Psychiatric training in the Netherlands consists of a university degree in medicine (six years), specialization in psychiatry (4.5 years) with a focus on child and adolescent psychiatry (two years).

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Nederlandse Vereniging voor Psychiatrie, afdeling Kinder- en jeugdpsychiatrie (NVvP).
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