Mini Research Academy in Belgrade

Attendees of the workshop in Belgrade

Professor Johannes Hebebrand with attendees of the workshop in Belgrade

The ESCAP Research Division provided one more opportunity for young clinicians and scientists working in child and adolescent psychiatry, to broaden their views and knowledge – this time in Serbia, proceeding the ESCAP Board meeting in Belgrade, on 28th of September 2018. Fourteen young child and adolescents psychiatrists, psychiatrists, psychologists, or medical students with research experience in child and adolescent psychiatry, trained in different universities throughout Serbia, had an opportunity to meet with professor Johannes Hebebrand during a 2.5 hours long workshop.

All early career participants outlined their personal background, their main topics of interest, their ongoing research projects, as well as address their questions on challenges they have been struggling with throughout their professional and scientific pathway. The majority of questions referred to topics such as how to publish a scientific paper, how to choose topics of research, how to improve local scientific options, how to choose one’s career path, how to manage dual clinician-research career, or how to manage the specific challenges of balancing professional and personal life. Professor Hebebrand enthusiastically and generously shared his reflections, advice, as well as some of his personal experience, providing each participant with individualized guidance on topics discussed.

Johannes Hebebrand is head of the Research Academy, find out more.