Research Academy in Copenhagen 2023

The 2023 Research Academy meeting of the European Society for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ESCAP) took place in Copenhagen from 27th to 28th of June 2023, just prior to the ESCAP Main Congress.

The aims of our biannual meetings are to promote research excellence and collaborative work among early career clinician-scientists in the field of child and adolescent psychiatry (CAP). The ESCAP Research Academy wishes to support early careers by promoting training, encouraging collaborations and by providing a forum to share experiences with senior world leading researchers in psychiatry. Registration for the Research Academy was free. Delegates had to cover their travel and accommodation expenses.

This year's theme was "ADHD and emotional dysregulation" and we welcomed 23 delegates from 15 countries - including India! The night before the Research Academy started, the group got to know each other during an informal get together.

On day 1, we started with short 5 minute presentation, each attendee introducing themselves and their work to the group. Then, Johannes Hebebrand, former Editor-in-Chief of ECAP gave a presentation with insights into both his career and personal life, juggling the various demands. Followed by Argyris Stringaris from University College London/UK, who joined us via videolink and spoke about "Emotion Dysregulation in ADHD: Concepts, epidemiology and clinical assessment". Argyris certainly proved that he didn't need to be in the room to get the group engaged in an interactive session! Last speaker of the day was Pieter J. Hoekstra, current ECAP Editor-in-Chief but also researcher with a focus on children with a developmental disorder including ADHD at the University of Groningen, who managed to join us despite several train delays. Pieter provided tipps and tricks on how to get published. The group then spent the evening at an informal group dinner. 

On day 2, Samuele Cortese, from the University of Southampton/UK, presented on "Treatment of emotional dysregulation in ADHD". Before Julie Hagstrøm, based at the Copenhagen University Hospital/Denmark, gave a talk on "How to measure emotion regulation? – Experimental findings in children with ADHD". The afternoon was then spent on a group project. The Research Academy 2023 then ended with another informal group dinner.

We had two inspiring days together and would like to thank all our speakers, attendees and organizers for engaging in such a great way! You can now read the ESCAP Communication about the Academy in ECAP.