ESCAP Expert Day: 25th June 2021

As COVID-19 is hugely affecting the way we meet, communicate and share knowledge, the 19th International ESCAP Congress is postponed until 2022. ESCAP are determined not to let the restrictions affect how often we meet, therefore, we will host a 1-day virtual event on the 25th June 2021. This event will have keynote presentations on diverse topics that are relevant in child and adolescent psychiatry in today's challenging world. 


In collaboration with UEMS-CAP and EFPT, ESCAP will also organise a Training Day prior to the event on the 24th June, available only to residents, trainees and early career CAPs. 

The ESCAP General Assembly will also take place at the closure of the event on the 25th June Expert Day. All member countries will receive an invitation to participate. 

Keynote speakers

The ESCAP Expert Day - Changing perspectives will aim to be an interactive and dynamic virtual event that will be centred around five keynote speakers addressing concerns that are relevant in todays changing world:

Samuele Cortese

Professor of child and adolescent psychiatry within psychology, University of Southampton, UK

Keynote presentation: Treatment of ADHD: from evidence base to practice

Interview - ESCAP speaks with Samuele Cortese


Carmen Schroder

Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Strasbourg University, France

Keynote presentation: Sleep-dependant mental health in children and adolescents

Interview - Carmen Schroder speaks with ESCAP


Argyris Stringaris

Senior investigator at NIMH, Section on Clinical and Computational Psychiatry, NIMH, NIH

Keynote presentation: Should we get rid of the term depression? A reflection on history and heterogeneity of affective nosology.


Vera Clemens

Junior professorship for clinical and preclinical trauma consequences, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry/Psychotherapy at Ulm University Hospital, Germany

Keynote presentation: Childhood trauma – too complex for complex PTSD?


David Nutt

Professor of neuropsychopharmacology, Imperial College London, UK

Keynote presentation: Using pharmacology to improve treatment decisions


Industry Sponsored Sessions (during lunch)

To be confirmed

Fee and registration

This event will be a fixed fee of €80 for all (specialists and trainees) with a reduced €60 for those in lower-income countries 

Trainees will have the option of joining the 24th June training day for free upon registration.

An additional option is a €20 (plus VAT) subscription fee for the ESCAP official journal European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

Registration now open. Click on the button below to be redirected to a secure registration site.

* Residents from low income countries pay the reduced price of EUR 60.-


The ESCAP Expert Day will be a full-day event starting from 8h30 CET and finishing at 16h00, followed by the ESCAP General Assembly (invites separately).

Upon registering and confirmed payment, you will be notified by email how to access the event platform.

Keynote lectures

Duration: 35 minutes followed by 10 minutes of mediator-selected questions.

Experts will present their views and perspectives on major topics in child and adolescent psychiatry.

Industry sponsored session

During the lunchtime break, there will be sessions organised and executed by the pharmaceutical industry. Please note that these sessions will be an opt-in option and take place in separate breakout rooms.


Attendees can pose questions to our speakers by either using the interactive comments button on the online program or sending them on Twitter (@ESCAPonline). All questions will be forwarded to the mediator who will select and pose them to the speaker.

General Assembly

ESCAP will use this opportunity to host our general assembly starting at 16h30. Personal invites will be sent to presidents of ESCAP national member societies with a separate Zoom link access. It will not take place on the same platform.