Bruno Fallisard

Abstract – 2017 ESCAP Congress, Geneva

Why Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists are repulsed by public health and why they are so wrong

Original state of the art abstract by Bruno Falissard (Université Paris-sud, France, and president of IACAPAP) on "Why Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists are Repulsed by Public Health and why they are so Wrong" (ESCAP 2017 Congress in Geneva, Switzerland).


Because public health relies mainly on statistics and because the notion of an average patient or an average family is so far from the real life experience of clinical practice, many child and adolescent psychiatrists are repulsed by public health.
Paradoxically, at the moment, the main determinants of child and adolescent psychiatric care are based on public health considerations. Practices that are “evidence based” or not, that are “cost effective” or not, strategies of prevention that are encouraged or not: all are determined by public health considerations. Even the outline of what should be our job as psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, etc. comes from the same logic.
There is thus an urgent need of empowerment. Child and adolescent psychiatrists have to engage themselves with lucidity and energy in the field of public health. Because this is the best way, today, to improve the standards of what can be proposed to our patients. Because this is the best way, today, to make our message loud and clear.

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 responded via Twitter on 7 Mar 2017 08:38AM
"Strong words - are child psychiatrists repulsed by public health?"

Bruno Falissard responded on 8 Mar 2017 15:37PM
"So many data to support the burden of C&AMH worldwide, we have to use them more !"