Vienna 2019 - Developmental Psychiatry in a Globalized World

ESCAP 18th International Congress 2019 in Vienna

'Developmental psychiatry in a globalized world’

Child and adolescent psychiatrists, mental health professionals and researchers will be strolling along the very corridors where the glamourous Sisi – the empress Elisabeth of Austria – spent her Habsburg court life, by the end of the nineteenth century. The 2019 ESCAP Congress will occupy Sisi’s premises for a few days to explore ‘Developmental psychiatry in a globalized world’: the congress theme for the next ESCAP conference.

“The Vienna congress will express how strongly child and adolescent psychiatry is linked to society, and how treatment is affected by knowledge sharing across our borders”, says professor Andreas Karwautz (Medical University of Vienna), co-organizer of the 2019 ESCAP conference on behalf of the Austrian Society of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Psychosomatics and Psychotherapy (ÖGKJP). “The event will also focus on the rich Austrian history in child and adolescent psychiatry.”

What went on in Vienna?

Documenting Vienna

The Vienna programme in 2019 was packed with content, here you will find everything you need to recap on the congress activities.

Keynote and symposiums

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Post-presentation interviews ESCAP 2019 

"Videos on the fly" by Stephan Eliez

Before we descended on Vienna to attend the ESCAP congress, all the Keynote speakers were interviewed by our editor. At the congress, Stephan Eliez picked up his videocam a second time (he did it in Geneva too) and interviewed some of the keynote speakers. Check out what they had to say.

Dickon Bevington - "creating curious teams"

At the 2019 ESCAP Vienna congress, we spoke with keynote speaker Dr Dickon Bevington post-presentation about mentalization and the AMBIT program for child and adolescent psychiatrists and allied professionals. We asked, what should these professionals keep in mind when working with 'hard to reach' youth?

Lucia Valmaggia - "Virtual reality - an evolving field that could be as effective as CBT"

At the 2019 ESCAP Vienna congress, we spoke with keynote speaker Dr Lucia Valmaggia post-presentation about virtual reality and how it is being used in the research clinic and its potential in the treatment of psychiatric disorders.

Franz Resch - "relieving symptoms by improving parent-child interactions"

At the ESCAP 2019 Congress in Vienna, we had the opportunity to speak with keynote speaker Professor Franz Resch post-presentation about his key messages on environmental risk factors, emotional adaptation and parent-child interactions.

Scholarships offered for attendees of the ESCAP Vienna 2019 congress

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ESCAP congress poster winners

Each day a new poster was selected as the best. 

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