ESCAP congress poster winners

Every ESCAP congress, we ask experts to rate and choose their best posters each day. Here, we announce the 6 winners, 2 per day, a first and second place from the ESCAP Vienna congress. Congratulations to you all.

Day one
First place:
Poster 098 by Marialuisa Cavelti (Switzerland)
Title: Auditory verbal hallucinations in outpatient youth with borderline personality disorder
Second place:
Poster 036 by Merete Glenne Oie (Norway)
Title: Similar impairments on a brief neuropsychological test battery in adolescents with high-functioning autism and early onset schizophrenia: A two-year follow-up study
Day two
1st place:
Poster 128 by Rocio Rosello (UK)
Title: Psychiatric contribution to management of children with autoimmune Encephalitis presenting to a paediatric ward
2nd place:
Poster 021 by Oswald Kothgassner (Austria)
Title: A virtual reality game-based training for adolescents with ADHD: Preliminary results
Day three
1st place:
Poster 103 by Charlotte Piechaczek (Germany)
Title: Interactions between FKBP5 variation and environmental stressors in adolescent major depression

2nd place:
Poster: 025&026 by Asuka Nomura & Yuki Ninomiya (Japan)
Title: An international comparison of happiness in foreign children in Japan, Japanese, Finnish, and Mongolian children (2&3): Analysis of the sentence completion test on sense of happiness/unhappiness